Killzone: Mercenary’s Day One Patch Brings Total Size Close To 5GB


We’ve just loaded up our copy of Killzone: Mercenary to find that there’s already a 1190MB patch, boasting “stability fixes and performance optimisations”, possibly balancing the multiplayer after feedback from the recent beta test or fixing a few unknown issues.

While we can’t say what this actually does without breaking embargo, over a gigabyte seems pretty hefty for a day one patch, meaning the total size of the game will now be over 4.5GB rather than 3.3GB.

So, unless you’ve got a really big memory card, you’ll want to buy this game at retail. Our review will be live at 8AM tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that too.


  1. Heh, not a particularly optimised optimisation patch!

  2. Glad I’ve got my 32gb meme rosy card on order from Amazon.

    • I’ve just ordered one aswell, looks essential now!

    • I have a 32GB card, and I’m glad I’ve ordered a physical copy.

  3. So I still have to find over 1GB on my card even buying the retail version. Bah!

  4. Ouch.

    I’ve already filled two memory cards (32GB and 16GB) and have more games backed up on my computer.

    4.5GB is way too large.

    Definitely one to buy in physical form. Annoyed I’ll still have to make over 1GB space for it despite buying the cartridge.

  5. Wow quite a big patch for the Vita. At last I’ve got some space on my memory card, enough for this anyway.

  6. Wow even the hard copy will now cost me an large amount of memory. Though with the beta deleted I suppose that makes room.

  7. The worst part is for those getting it off the PSN who only have a 4GB card.

    They won’t be able to play this online without getting the patch they won’t have room for.

    And the store will only tell them it’s a 3.3GB download. So in other words, they’ll think they can buy it.

    • Won’t some of the patch replace some of the 3.3GB data though? I don’t know myself I just wondered.

      • Just looked on my pre-downloaded copy and it says it has taken up 4607MB.

  8. oof!

  9. Does anyone know if the Killzone Vita bundle has a physical or digital version of the game? If it’s digital, everyone who buys that bundle will need to buy a bigger memory card to play online.

  10. This size of day one patching for vita is just unacceptable. This is something that would bother me on PS3 but is infuriating to see on Vita. Ridiculous

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