WeView: Injustice Gods Among Us

Coming out on top in this week’s WeView vote was Injustice Gods Among Us. Developed by NetherRealm Studios, the creators of Mortal Kombat, Injustice brings together a host of DC heroes and villains for a battle of epic proportions between good and evil.

I haven’t played Injustice, and nor did we review the game here at TSA. However, in a recent What We Played article Aran did describe the game as “a slower, easier but still good, version of Mortal Kombat with a decent, but short story”.


Injustice scored 78 on Metacritic, with fairly consistent reviews across the board. The Official PlayStation Magazine scored the game a 7/10 concluding:

Be it throwing chattering teeth with The Joker or hogtieing Doomsday with Green Arrow, there’s a constant playful charm in doling out moves. And unlike Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe, Injustice boasts a stable netcode, where streamlined matchmaking and lag-free fights make for a solid online offering. A pretty heroic effort all told, then. But one that falls short of super status.

With slightly more praise for Injustice was IGN, who scored the game an 8.2, whilst reaching the verdict that…

Given the success NetherRealm had with Mortal Kombat, it would have been easy to clone it and swap in new characters… and yet it didn’t. Instead, it kept what worked and built upon it to make Injustice: Gods Among Us an exciting, unique-feeling fighter at the beginner level, and a deeper, more interesting one at the advanced level. Story mode is a pleasant surprise, but the real reason to play is the thrill of harnessing the god-like powers of some of the most overwhelming figures in the comic realm. The jury’s still out on whether or not it presents a fair fight, but it’s definitely an enjoyable one.

Now it’s over to you – what did you think of Injustice Gods Among Us? How does it compare to NetherRealm’s previous success that is the Mortal Kombat franchise, and how well were your favourite DC icons portrayed? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to give the game either a Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It or Avoid It rating. Get your thoughts down by Sunday evening, and we’ll have the verdict article up the following day.



  1. Interested to hear people’s thoughts on this, I want but it but with rumours of a vita & ps4 GOTY if true might hold off

  2. I liked the demo but I saw how much DLC there was so I’m also holding out for the GOTY edition, it can’t come soon enough!

    Did the same with Mortal Kombat, got the Komplete edition for around £15 which was a bargain.

  3. rumours of a ps4 goty edition? where did you hear those rumours?
    Didn’t heard that one … interesting since I am/was considering buying the ps3 version now that it’s cheaper

  4. I haven’t bought a fighting game in over 6 years so injustice had a lot to live up to in my eyes. Luckily it didn’t disappoint, if your friends are fans of the DC universe then you’ll enjoy this game as the characters are represented well and gameplay is fluid which makes out for some great multiplayer fun.

    Admittedly I don’t have the same urge to play the single player modes although the story is interesting enough to warrant a playthrough. Most of the problems I’ve encountered are due to my lack of abilities and for some odd reason my dlc characters have stopped working. It can be frustrating if your favourite hero/villan doesn’t match your fighting style (looking at you Batman!) but on the plus side it means that not every battle will be Batman vs Superman.

    Overall I’d give it a ‘buy it’ rating as it can be quite addictive and fun at its absolute best. (yay for my first comment!)

    • And a solid comment too! Nice little potted review. I am interested in the outcome of this as I am tempted to pick up a cheap copy or wait for a GOTY edition.

      • Thanks. We’ll see how the reviews go. Personally I’d suggest the GOTY ed IF you’re a big fan of the characters because as it turns out my favourite is Scorpion and he was a dlc. Else if you just want a fighting game then grabbing it on the cheap would be a big win. Good luck.

  5. Having been a fan of the recent Mortal Kombat game, I had a feeling Injustice would be in safe hands. The story mode, which does not quite match the length of MK’s, is still enjoyable and engaging. Characters are nice and varied, avoiding too many similarities (save for some who have moves which are similar to characters in MK). the fights themselves play out very well, similar yet different to MK, and certainly accessible for different skill levels. On a DLC related not, the new characters are great but have no alternate costumes, and there is most certainly a poor balance of costumes packs too, seemingly providing more for certain characters, whilst regularly overlooking others.

    Well worth a purchase for fight fans and comic book fans alike. Buy it

  6. Good selection of characters, offline modes & challenges and lots to unlock. Solid combat (or should that be kombat?) and I like the Killer Instinct style life meters.

    Buy it.

    • Forgot to add, the only negative is there’s been too much dlc. They should’ve offered a proper all inclusive season pass.

  7. Definetly Buy It.
    I did and I wasn’t disappointed. The game is like everything you wished for in a superhero game. Some people said it’s visually not impressive, but I say it is enough to please,plus all the animations are seamless and fluid. The game made me go back time after time and play it. I kept promising that I will finish the ladder but PS+ game me a bunch of games that I need to check out.
    I am not a fighting game fan, the only fighting game I like and am able to play is Mortal Kombat. Other fighting game mechanincs (ex DoA) seem complicated.
    The story of the game is, and believe me, a strong point. Usually in the games of the genre the story is weak, but I truly, considered the storytelling good and, why not, plausible. You have cutscenes, you have old enemies and you have a great plot.
    Comic book fans will surely try it, to their are not the ones needing convincing. But every other one, if you want a fighting game and want to laugh with your friends until you fall off the couch than buy this. The word ‘WOW’ will be the most common one on that guy’s night.

  8. After playing the demo, I wasn’t overly impressed. However, I stumbled over a copy at an amazingly cheap price, so I gave it a go. I ended up really liking the game. I’ve been away from fighting games for a while, so I am sure others do this, but the way it blends the story and gameplay is simple but effective. The game plays out as a story where you control the fight scenes – it works really well. It’s fairly easy for button mashers like me to pick up and play, and yet, after doing the tutorial, it would seem their is some complexity their for advanced players as well. If you like DC and fighting games BUY IT!

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