The Black Hand Are Your New Killzone Antagonists

Every high-octane first person shooter needs its villains, with Killzone: Shadow Fall being no exception. Over the past the decade, Guerrrilla’s acclaimed franchise has produced a robust cast of antagonists, from Scolar Visari and his political successors to Colonel Radec and the legions of red-eyed Helghast grunts.

However, with Shadow Fall steering Killzone’s narrative in a new direction, a different breed of villain is needed: enter The Black Hand.

Outlined in a Guerrilla “Dossier“, The Black Hand are an extremist faction of the Helghan force taking refuge on Vekta. Shadow Fall takes place 30 years after the events of Killzone 3 with the Helghast home planet is still embroiled in conflict yet, in an attempt to broker peace, the Vektans have housed a mass of refugees forced to flee.

As shown in that first, awe-inspiring trailer, the Vektans have isolated the Helghan behind a wall while they deal with the ongoing campaign.

The new Helghan government is a much more moderate beast than those before it, proposing peaceful unification as opposed to mutually assured destruction. Some disagree however, rallying the dishonoured and downtrodden Helghast who are willing to continue the fight.

This faction of zealots and extremists are much unlike the regular grunts you’ll remember from previous games. Most of their equipment is either custom made or looted, and their skill sets revolve around stealth and sabotage.

The Black Hand certainly offer an intriguing alternative and will no doubt be lead by another iconic Killzone villain.

Shadow Fall is slated to launch alongside the PlayStation 4 this November.



  1. They look cool, like rabbits with whiskers, I wish the vita version covered what happened in between the years

  2. Still think the intro for KZ2 is one of the best out there.

    Would love to be able to play as a Helghan one day (the guys that are actually in the right!)

  3. Hmm.. Not sure. They’ve just done what everyone other shooter has done and replaced Nazis (booo!) with terrorists (BOOOO!).

    • So who would you propose gets portrayed as the bad guys in a shooter if they aren’t dictators, megalomaniacs (i.e. nazis) or terrorists? Doesn’t leave a lot.
      My big gripe about this game is you always play as the ISA when it’s actually the Helghans that are the good guys. Always gets on my nerves!

      • The plot on the PS4 games section website says that the main player meets a female Helghan sniper. Maybe they take down the Black Hand and then realise that the ISA are bad or something, maybe do a Haze? (but hopefully nowhere near as dreadful)

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