Eurogamer Tickets Competition: Results

It’s time to announce who came out on top of our latest competition, bagging themselves a pair of tickets to Eurogamer Expo in the process. It was hard for me, Stefan and Adam to pick a winner, the wit of the TSA community was clearly showing in your answers. Every entry made us laugh to some degree but in the end the one with the most support was DANTHEBOSSMAN‘s sardonic satire:

“Rupert Murdoch from “The Sun” newspaper, in line to play Watch_Dogs so he can find out how real hacking can be done.”

Congratulations and enjoy your trip! Honourable mentions included multichibz‘ entry:

“Sackboy will be playing spark on the Xbox one.
Think about it.”

Because of how much sense it makes, and Foxhound_Solid‘s entry:

“Ben Affleck queuing up to see Xbox One, as he wants to be sure his attempt at the Dark Knight is categorically a car crash of an event. *Defibs not included obviously*”

Thank you to everyone who entered and made this such an enjoyable competition to judge. Keep an eye out for more TSA competitions on the way!



  1. Congrats to the winners and I honestly do not mean to sound bitter here but did the contest not call for a fictional character???

    • Yeah I’ve got to back tatoemonkey here. It did say that in the rules :-S

    • I thought this.

      Regardless, well done.

    • So are you telling me that Murdoch, Sackboy and Affleck are all real?

      In all seriousness, we can only apologise for this error at this stage. Dan has already been contacted and the prizes awarded and assigned to him, so we cannot realistically go back and pick again.

      It was a simple oversight when we were picking a winner, given how many people misinterpreted the rules and did enter with real people, that we too then forgot this was the case. These three entries just made us laugh the most, with Dan’s coming out on top!

      • Dan’s entry was totally epic to be fair and deserved a prize anyway :)

  2. Im going on the Sunday if anyone is going to be around! Congratulations btw.

  3. Congratulations to the winners. :) Keep an eye out for TSA Racing t-shirts on some rather handsome fellows at EGX (Friday 27th) to find me and some other TSAers. :D

  4. Congrats to the winners.
    Didn’t enter myself as it’s too far to travel although looking at the winner’s posts I wouldn’t have got close.

  5. Congrats and enjoy.

  6. Also, for the third year in a row, TSA’s editor will be there! Just a different one this year…

  7. Twas great fun. Some belters there too :-)

  8. Meh…Horace goes skiing (again)

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