Nintendo Direct Broadcasting This Sunday, Focuses On Monster Hunter 4

Nintendo and Capcom are partnering to deliver a special Nintendo Direct broadcast this Sunday. The Japanese stream goes live at 20:00 JST (11:00 GMT) and is said to feature an unannounced collaboration between the two publishers.

This latest edition of Direct comes days before the launch of Monster Hunter 4 in Japan. Here, the series has seen an insane amount of popularity ever since its PlayStation 2 debut some years ago. This fourth mainline instalment is the latest in Capcom’s exclusivity deal with Nintendo.


Record sales are to be expected, delivering yet another boost to the 3DS install base in Asia.

Capcom hasn’t ruled out a Vita version of the game, though -where Monster Hunter is concerned- PlayStation fans have been left out in the cold as of late. Surprising, considering how Sony’s original handheld gave birth to the series’ colossal success.

Source: Monster Hunter Direct



  1. Wii U version incoming? Will this game be proper open world, or yet another segmented affair with small areas like the previous games? I tried the demo for 3 Ultimate on Wii U and it felt very, very dated.

  2. I just wish they’d price these games reasonably – would love a crack at 3 Ultimate but it seems to be around the £50 mark everywhere! That’s far too much for my liking :-(

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