Video Leak Shows Xbox One Dashboard

Someone has access to an Xbox One, and has posted the above video which takes a closer – and less PR fuelled – look at the Xbox One’s Dashboard, which resembles Windows 8’s tiles very much, as well as a quick look at Ryse.

I must admit, that controller looks really comfortable, though I’m not convinced the Dashboard is that great. There’s no way this is a fake, which raises the question of how he got the console so long before release.

What is odd is the fact that the game doesn’t pause when you go out to the Dashboard, instead minimising into a smaller window while still playing.

Source: YouTube


  1. Can somebody please find a PS4 and do the same thing. That would be awesome.

  2. 1 day before TGS and this video mysteriously leaks…

    Anyway, I like the look of the UI, I just hope they don’t cover it in loads of ads when it’s released (although I’m sure they will)

  3. That UI looks like the bland tiles set up of Metro in Windows 8. Pretty boring and tired looking although the game looked decent.

    Much prefer the PS4 UI from what I’ve seen of it.

  4. It’s not as snappy going from game to dashboard as I would’ve hoped. Although this is of course an early version still, so I guess I should wait before passing judgement.

    A look at the PS4 UI in an unaltered, down to earth way like this would be interesting.

  5. dudes this is faker than my moobs!

  6. The console looks so well fingered I reckon someone could pull some prints off that clip! Exciting stuff, I love a good leak.

    • Sir, I commend your comment for the high number of filthy double-entendres contained within.

  7. Right now MS are tracking him down thanks to the kinect spy cam.

    As someone else said, it looks very bland with all those green squares.

  8. It looks better than the 360’s, well when I last used it 2 yrs ago, but that’s not saying much as I hated it.
    As for the controller there’s been a lot of reports from 360 die-hards that tried it at Gamescon saying it’s too big and their hands ached after 20 mins, also a lot of them preferred the DS4.

  9. I know I’m very Sony biased and everything, but that controller is about the ugliest chunk of plastic I’ve ever seen. It really is hideous looking, and that dashboard ain’t exactly aesthetically pleasing. It’s as if they’ve designed everything purposely to be as offensive to the eye as they can.

    • Fully agree, and couldn’t word it better. :o)
      I got a Windows 8 tablet recently, and I don’t like the stuff on there either, thank god I won’t have to look at this when gaming.

  10. I’m glad Metro is a Microsoft property. Still, i would like to see more than that video showed and the same for PS4.

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