Deep Down Is A PS4 Exclusive, New Details

Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono has taken the stage at Sony’s conference to announce new details on Deep Down, the company’s next generation RPG. The big news is that Deep Down will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive, though a release date is still yet to be confirmed.

The setting of the game may surprise you, with the events taking place in New York in 2094, with the main character able to access different memories in the environment. There wasn’t too much detail on how this is done and what it means for gameplay but it is a main story focus.

Gameplay wise both maps and enemies are procedurally generated, so the game won’t be the same every time you play. The game will also support up to four player online co-op, and the trailer shows four players fighting a dragon. It’s looking like a great title, and we should hear more soon.


  1. This game has moved to the top of my wishlist and beyond… Amazing!
    My jaw dropped to the floor when they showed the gameplay.

  2. Their short teaser a while back didn’t impress me at all. The gameplay demo looked pretty close to the reveal, though!

  3. A bit of Assassins Creed in it then, this just got even more interesting. So the future-world will be like a hub to different online levels in the past.

    • I guess so, which is pretty cool.

      Loving the dark, gritty Medieval atmosphere. I love that kind of style.

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