Sony Announce A New Console – PlayStation Vita TV

Sony have just surprised us all by revealing PlayStation Vita TV, a 6cm by 10cm (tiny) device which allows you to watch video and network services or even play Vita and PSP games on your TV, controlled by a DualShock 3.

It appears to be a small console which is powered by the same stuff as the Vita, and includes an HDMI port for hooking up to your TV. There’ll be 1300 titles available

The system also works as a companion device, which allows you to play PS4 games in another room without the need for a second console. That’s amazing.

It’ll be available in Japan on November 14th and will cost 9,945 yen or 14,994 yen with tax for a bundle including a controller and an 8GB memory card.

So, that’s about £70 for a device that allows you to play Vita games on your TV, or PS4 games in another room, as well as a plethora of TV and video content. I’m in.

UPDATE: We’ve been sent a few more details on the system from Sony.

  • There will be a system software update to patch in DualShock 4 support.
  • It can connect to other PS Vitas via ad hoc mode.
  • Two DualShock 3 controllers can be paired to the system, allowing for playing PS1 titles.
  • PS Vita can be used as a controller for some Wii U like functionality.
  • Will support “nasne”, a networked recorder and media storage device.




  1. Want!!!

  2. Absolute genius from Sony.

    • I agree, I think I’ve got an excitement headache!

      I’ll have more PlayStation hardware than I can shake a stick out. Ouch, my head.

      • *at, not out!

        Looking at the ports, does anyone think it’ll be possible to link directly to your PS4, to avoid any lag with streaming?

      • I agree mate xD games like Uncharted will be easier with the dualshock xD and will probably be some lag-who knows.

      • Why would you want to connect the PSVita TV directly to your PS4? You need a TV, so it would be better to just connect your PS4 to your TV and play from that.

      • Well I could run a lead from my PS4 to the Vita TV unit in another room, so that the signal is direct and not via Wi-Fi which could cause lag.

  3. Smart move from Sony but won’t this now make the vita pointless, I mean the thing plays your vita games so why do I need a vita, it seems to be a suitable companion for ps4 with remote play

    • Because you can’t take this on a bus.

      • or more importantly, on the toilet. ^_^

      • Can always hook up Vita TV and a TV in the toilet if you are that way inclined.

      • yeah, but balancing the tv on your lap is kind of awkward. ^_^

    • Makes my Vita completely redundant.

      Bought it to Remote Play PS4 games if the main TV was being used, now this will be able to RP to another room AND play with DS4 not cramp-inducing Vita… It will be left to gather dust just like the four PSPs I bought when I was hyped for a game.

      • I agree with cc_star.

      • I will remote play to the same room when my wide wants to watch something else on TV.

        I’ve tried have multiple TVs in the same room but its not great. I also only have 2 TV’s with HDMI so I wouldn’t be able to use this in any room without an HD TV or at work etc…

      • There’s still room for both if you ask me.
        Not everyone has another TV to hook this up to so a Vita will still be a valid device for Remote Play. Also, if the video is to believed Remote Play works over the internet, not just locally. That female student played Knack in the cafeteria (unless they are implying that there is a campus wide local wifi used).
        You can’t take your TV with you to work or to Starbucks.
        I also don’t want to leave the room just because the missus is watching something on TV. With a Vita I can still sit next to her and talk a little while playing.

      • I was just thinking… surely the Vita is a hand-held console you can take everywhere with you. The gizmo above doesn’t have that sort of flexibility. :-\

  4. Will be buying this for my parents. PS4 in my bedroom, this in the living room. Can I haz it in black plz? :P

  5. like the sound of that, PSP and PSV on tv, yeah.

    but two questions come to mind, can you use boxed games, and how will games that have touchscreen controls work?

    have to wait for more detailed info i guess.

    but whatever, i want one.

    • there’s a Vita game slot at the top.

      touchscreen? i presume it’ll also work with the DS4…

      • i was going to ask.. why is this device coming with ds3? wouldnt it be better if they sold it with a ds4 instead? anyway i think i will get this.. maybe even a couple..

      • Because it launches in Japan in November. The PS4 isn’t coming out in Japan until February.

      • that’s cool that you can still use boxed games.
        though i do have a, growing, selection of downloadable games waiting from my Plus sub.

        i assumed the DS4 would be supported once it’s released, but that’s still only replicating the front screen, there’s still the back touchpad.

        still, how many games absolutely require both the front and back.

        anyway, cool piece of kit.

        i hope a western release isn’t too far away.

      • But there’s two touchscreens on the Vita (and cameras too).

        I can’t see this supporting every retail game, never mind everything on the Vita PSN- Tearaway looks impossible on even a DS4.

  6. Do we know yet if you can run two PS4 games simultaneously using it? Running one in the room where the PS4 is and then a different one in another room? And how does the 2nd TV pick up the signal?

    • No, you can’t, it just streams the PS4 to another TV. It’s via WiFi, like the Vita’s remote play.

  7. It’s been said already but genius is the right word.

  8. Very impressive and neat box of tricks!

    • And no leaks, well done Sony.

  9. This is pretty interesting!

  10. Yep, sold. Fantastic idea, well done Sony. I can now keep my PS4 in the living room and when the wife wants “Celebrity Big Brother” on, I can’t go and play elsewhere in the house. Genius.

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