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Apple Announce Infinity Blade III Along With Two New iPhones

The iPhone is still very much a gaming device, and one of the most important on the market. Games such as Infinity Blade and Real Racing show off the power of these tiny systems, and Apple are introducing Infinity Blade III along with two new devices.

Firstly, the iPhone 5C seems to have similar power to the current iPhone 5 – an 8MP camera, A6 chip, 4 inch Retina display, LTE – but loses the brilliant aluminium housing for a polycarbonate backing, which comes in various different colours such as blue, green, red and yellow. That’ll be available for $99 or $199 in the US for the 16GB and 32GB models respectively on a two year contract from September 20th, and you can buy it outright in the UK for £469 and £549 for each model, while contracts will vary.

The iPhone 5S is Apple’s new flagship model, replacing the iPhone 5. This will come in black, gold and silver designs, once again aluminium but now including a 64-bit A7 chip. That means the computing performance is forty times that of the original iPhone, which is very impressive. It also features new M7 gyroscopic technology for measuring motion data, allowing a new generation of fitness apps and the battery will feature 10 hours talk or browsing time, and 250 hours standby time.

As well as this, they’ve improved the camera and the flash, so pictures look a lot more stable with correct skin tones. There’ll be 720p HD recording and even slow motion at 120fps. And there’ll be a fingerprint scanner built into the Home button named Touch ID, which unlocks the phone, authorises purchases and seems far too futuristic for my liking.

This new phone will be available on contract for $199, $299 and $399 for 16GB, 32GB and 64GB respectively on September 20th, alongside the 5C. That means £549, £629 and £709 (ouch) in the UK, while contracts will offer a variety of competitive prices.

Obviously, not all of this is relevant to gaming, but the next announcement is.

Epic Games stepped on stage to announce the third entry into the Infinity Blade series. It will include two playable characters and up to eight worlds, each of which are bigger than the area in the first game. It’s said to be four times as detailed as the previous entries into the series. There’ll be 135 items for each character on offer, a deep story featuring the voice acting talents of Troy Baker (he’s in everything) and six unique fighting styles.

It seems very deep, with multiple quests spread throughout the world map and plenty of customisation/levelling options. They showed some gameplay, which we’ve now embedded directly from YouTube above. It will release on September 18th, which is the same day as the new system software, iOS 7.

Source: Engadget(iPhone/front page image) & GameTrailers(Infinity Blade III)


  1. anyone thinking of buying these needs a brain check

  2. I personally will wait for the next generation as I am happy with my 5 at the moment. Looking forward to the extra spit and shine given to it by iOS 7 on the 18th. Looks quite nice

  3. iPhone has never really interested me (love my iPad though) and these don’t change that. I’ll stick with my Galaxy S4 ;)

  4. ‘The iPhone is still very much a gaming device, and one of the most important on the market.’

    To me that’s like saying One Direction are a talented band and one of the most important in the music industry.

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