Out This Week: Kindgom Hearts, Puppeteer & KickBeat

We’re approaching mid-September and already I seem to have run out of weather-related jokes. Games, on the other hand, are in no short supply and though we’ve yet to hit the crazy late-Autumn rush, there’s still plenty of gems with a certain Grand Theft Auto V launching next week.

KickBeat | PS3, Vita | Wednesday

Disco meets dojo in the latest game from ZEN Studios (pinball, anyone?) Combining rhythmic gameplay with martial arts, KickBeat may carry a goofy premise yet looks to be one of the more original games to be hitting the PlayStation Network.


If the concept sounds familiar, that’s because 505 Games launched something similar earlier this year: the somewhat hilarious-yet-atrocious Way of the Dogg. It may not have the backing of a reincarnated rap star, yet KickBeat has a certain flare to it.

Aran reviewed the game yesterday with solid score of 7/10. Highlighting KickBeat’s originality within a staling genre, he praised the visual styling and addictive gameplay though would have liked more tracks. With that said, there is a song importer though, as expected, these custom tracks aren’t as good as KickBeat’s original stock.


Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix | PS3 | Friday

The original Kingdom Hearts was somewhat of a landmark for me. It was the very first game I had followed by reading snippets from magazines and catching the odd bit of news here and there. I was only a kid at the time with a penchant for Final Fantasy and anything Squaresoft. Needless to say, I was very excited and, luckily, the game delivered.

HD Remix, as the name suggests, is new, spruced-up version of the original Kingdom Hearts. Not only that, 1.5 also includes Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories. It original started life as a GameBoy Advance title but has since received a 3D makeover yet carries the same card-battling mechanics.

Finally we have Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days though sadly not in playable form. Instead, HD Remix contains almost three hours of cutscenes taken from the game and given an HD makeover.


Puppeteer | PS3 | Friday

Along with upcoming PSN title, rain, Puppeteer came as somewhat of a surprise announcement from Sony at last year’s Gamescom. We’re so used to having shooters, racers, and sports titles rammed in our faces that something with even a hint of originality piques our collective interests.

A quirky platformer through and through, Puppeteer tells the story of Kutaro, a young boy who has his head torn off by a huge beats known as the Moon Bear King. Starting out as a dismembered body, you’ll play through the game’s various stage-like levels, collecting heads and unique abilities along the way with your trusty pair of scissors, the Calibrus.


It’s definitely something a bit different, especially for director Gavin Moore whose previous work includes The Getaway, and Siren: Blood Curse. We’ll have our own review up before release.

So, three PS3 titles on offer this week – which will you be picking up, or are you holding out for GTA V?



  1. Might get Puppeteer from the bargain bin because I still have Legends and AC3 to go through.
    Not sure if KH is my thing. I want to be excited because I’m a huge FF fan but somehow it doesn’t light a spark…

    • It is quite well priced for release around £25 but as you say with Legends to play and then GTA just around the corner in my case there won’t really be time for the slow pace of story driven platformer Puppeteer for the time being so it’ll end up as bargain bin by the time I find a slot for it. Not the best timing for it’s release to be fair as it does look a good game….albeit more story less platform.

  2. Puppeteer for me, I think. As long as the reviews are moderately healthy, I’m all in on that one.

    Additionally, I’d best let Hannypoppie know about Kingdom Hearts as I know she loved that the first time around.

  3. I’ll be picking up Puppeteer. I was going to get it on disc but as the demo seems to be unlockable to the full game i’ll probably stick with the digital download now. And the price seems great too.
    Also, im measuring the proximity of the PS4 launch not by weeks or months but by the next few game releases.. Puppeteer, GTAV, Beyond: TS and then PS4 – with pretty much no gaming downtime in between now and then, lovely. :)

    • I want you to rewrite the calendars of the world with game releases.

      • It can be done! We just first need to make all our jobs as engaging as a AAA game. ;)

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