Microsoft Banning Consoles For GTA V Leaks

An Xbox 360 gamer has managed to get hold of a copy of Grand Theft Auto V before its official release date and has been posting Vine videos with footage from the game, which have spread to NeoGAF.

One of the videos contained his gamertag and Microsoft have quickly dealt a blow and have banned his entire console from Xbox Live, meaning he’ll have to buy a new one.


The Rockstar policy on posting copyrighted material from its games is very clear:

Pre-Release Footage: No pre-release leaked footage of any kind: Any posting of in-game footage from leaked copies of the game prior to its official release date will be taken down, regardless of how the game was obtained. This includes “early unboxing” videos.

Obviously we will not be linking to the videos since they could be considered to contain spoilers, but what do you think of the swift wielding of the ban hammer? Has justice been dealt or is it overkill from Rockstar and Microsoft?

Source: NeoGAF



  1. My god what is the world coming too… Surely there are more important things in life?

    • Your all up in the cool aid. You right there with us so shut it

  2. Overkill for overkill’s sake. It is not like its going to hurt sales is it?

    • Not at all. Heard of copyright laws?

  3. 100% his own fault. If they had banned him for playing the game pre-release I’d have been a little uneasy, I’ve never been keen on punishing players who get lucky and get a copy of the game early (and yes, I know the argument about piracy), but he was posting spoilers online for the biggest game of the year. Idiot.

    • I understand what your saying but its not like anyone is forcing you to click and look at those spoilers is it?

      • It’s not much of a defence but some people will spoil a game for themselves given the chance. It’s a lack of self control.
        Rockstar want people to experience things in the game the way they designed it and if people see spoiers beforehand, it might soften the impact.

      • End of the day is is that he signed up to the terms of use. Can’t be overkill if MS are following rules to the letter.

      • We’ve had it before, recently in fact with The Last of Us, where idiots on the internet will spam Youtube comments and other places with spoilers, just for the sake of it. You cannot always avoid spoilers, but MS and the like can take steps to make it as difficult as possible for the idiots.

      • I’d forgotten about that.

        Winkle – some tool signed up to TSA and spoilt The Last of Us with utterly massive spoilers. Sadly, I read them but managed to instruct Teflon/Stefan in such a way that he could find them but avoid actually reading them (if that makes sense). The user was then flogged, dragged through several counties and banned… or something like that. There really was no way to avoid the bloody thing either unless someone told you what to look for first.

      • Your as much as a lawyer as much as you are pretty. Rstar could rape his ass … But they wont

    • What makes you think GTA5 is the biggest game of the year?

  4. Definitely overkill…

    • And that’s why your a tater head. Nice pic

  5. I think a console ban, assuming it’s a first offence, is a bit overboard. A cynical person might say Microsoft are deliberately harsh because this means another console sale which they can (technically) justify.
    In my opinion they should have punished him some other way; erasing gamerpoints, banning his Xbox Live account, some thing like that.

    Still, can’t blame anyone but himself. He knew what he was doing so should either have known the risks or checked them beforehand!

    • Really, he should have got his mates round to play the game early in secret and been happy with his jamminess. His mistake was being all ‘Oh look at me, I’m playing GTA V before all of you, I’m so special, look!’, its a common shortcoming nowadays.

    • hulksmash

      Edit: Please take your anger and insults somewhere else – AG.

      • Got out the wrong side of bed this morning?

      • Indeed. And whose he quoting?

      • Get banned mofo.

      • I think he’s quoting me but from an earlier comment (when I replied to Winkle, above).

        Thank you for you application Mr fish but we are not currently recruiting for ignorant bile-spouting moron. We’ll keep your details on file for the future though. Good luck.

      • Ooo, name calling!

        Um… plop-face!

      • Lol at the edit

      • Hahaha, Hulk smash. I like.

  6. I guess Microsoft were under pressure from Rockstar to do this. Thousands of people are trusted with preview copies or factory bulk games all the time and can be relied on to keep the lid on things until release day, if this guy is one of those then he’s broken a sacred bond and should be punished. A ban, a week of detention and whiteboard cleaning duty for a term would suffice.

    • I just hate this s.o.b. cuz he played it a week early. I’ve been Internet stalking gta v for 2 years! :)

  7. 100% his own fault. You know the rules, don’t break them and you wont get banned.

  8. Total overkill. Though he was stupid to show his gamer tag.

  9. So let me get this right. This is rockstars policy.

    “The Rockstar policy on posting copyrighted material from its games is very clear:

    Pre-Release Footage: No pre-release leaked footage of any kind: Any posting of in-game footage from leaked copies of the game prior to its official release date will be taken down, regardless of how the game was obtained. This includes “early unboxing” videos.”

    This states they will be taken down, not have your xbox banned so why are Microsoft wading in and banning his xbox ? Where does it state that this is microsofts policy ?

    I couldn’t care less what he does with a game he owns to be honest wether it was released early or not. He paid for that game end of story. he can post as many spoilers as he likes as far as im concerned as i dont want to spoil the game so i wont watch them.

    If it was rockstars policy to remove the videos then remove them but to have an xbox banned so he has to purchase a new one ? yeah you can stick that microsoft. you can keep your xbox and your live service that i paid for. Yet again its the gamer/consumer being dictated to again and if you step out of line you will suffer the wrath.

    Really getting to the stage where gaming is just drama and bullshit these days, the fact rockstar dictate to suppliers that they cant post a game out till the day before release ?? really ?? its a game not the answer to life, the universe and everything, we all know thats 42.

    • Rockstar are treating this game like it’s the second coming. I think I’m the only person not changing their pants every time they release a new image. I’m sure GTA5 will be great but come on.

      • I assume they’ll be no reviews before release like GTA IV (which always makes me suspicious).

        I couldn’t care less for GTA V, didn’t like or enjoy IV.

      • Same here. Got GTA4 from the Steam sale for 5€ and I still feel like I got robbed…
        I don’t understand why Rockstar has to be like this. They are confident in their products and people seem to love their games more than their own kids so the review embargo makes absolutely no sense.

    • I agree on the posting thing. Retailers send it out early to make sure everyone can get it by launch day. They are doing it to help gamers play your game, Rockstar! What about people in the Welsh valleys, Scottish highlands or remote coastal villages where the post takes an age, they are just not going to get it on release day!

      Like you say, it’s only a game, who cares if I get it a few hours early!

      • The Welsh Valleys are just fine, fella. They get their post just as quickly as the rest of the mainland. :-)

        The thing that’s happened here is that someone is buggering around with a review copy. I’m not sure ANYONE has a normal consumer-copy, especially with Rockstar being so careful. Someone has taken the piss with a review copy and also broken whatever contract they (or their employer) signed with Rockstar. This, in itself, will lead to hassles for them.

      • Soz, just picked the most remote place I could think of :)

      • We have a little basket by our telly with a sky remote, a TV remote, a hifi remote and a dualshock 3 in it. I reckon my basket is more remote than the Welsh Valleys :)

      • OK I get it! My knowledge of UK postal delivery times needs work!

  10. I think it’s fine if someone pre-orders a game and it’s delivered a few days early but that’s obviously not the case here. I still think MS have overreacted by banning the guy (if it’s his first ‘offence’) but he’s a bit daft because MS are known to ban accounts for breaches like this aren’t they? Still, it’s not like he’s posted copies online for people to download for free.

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