Microsoft Buys Xbone.Com

Fusible have spotted that Microsoft have purchased the domain, the term being a popular nickname for the forthcoming Xbox One console.

Microsoft spokesperson, Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb, has recently revealed he does not like the monicker.

“I don’t like it…it disrespects the teams that have put in thousands of hours (already) into the development of the product. Sure, it’s cheeky but I don’t care for it myself.”

Perhaps someone should have informed the Xbox UK team as they seem to have embraced the term and recently tweeted this picture to rapper Snoop Dog.

At the time of writing is still privately owned, but for how long?

Source: Fusible


  1. Someone is gonna have it, might as well be them.
    If they don’t like it they can just redirect straight to their main page (as I’m sure they will).

    I think saying you don’t like it is asking for trouble though!

  2. Now Sony need to get

  3. Ah, Mr. Hryb. You’d know all about disrespect. Funny how it feels, eh?

    • Are YOU an engineer?

      Have YOU seen Titanfall?

  4. Hah. That is all.

  5. I quite like the name as a buyer,it’s not as if they made it easy with their numbers.This guy manages to make Mattrick look humble though.

  6. Major Nelson talks a load of BS doesn’t he? I mean, how does it disrespect them?

    • He forgets about things like:

      ‘Why would I live there?’
      ‘We have a product for people without internet. It’s called Xbox 360’.
      Taking the mic of Angry Joe ‘Are YOU an engineer?’

      And many, many more. Sure, he didn’t say all of these, but his company damn well did. So he shouldn’t even utter the word disrespectful, especially after they tried to disrespect the consumer in the first place by introducing their awful policies.

  7. Someone at Xbox tweeted like dat? fo real?
    So if SnoopDogg had a lisp would they have tweeted .. Hereth that ethbone youth been waiththing fow.. ?

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