PS4’s Share Button Might Not Be Able To Upload To YouTube

While the PS4’s share button allows you upload videos to various sharing services, including PSN, Facebook, twitter and Twitch, it might be the case that you won’t be able to share directly to YouTube according to Inside Gaming Daily.

They say that Sony are preventing users from uploading any game footage to YouTube, instead having to opt for one of the other services, which is confirmed by a reliable source.

While it’s in no way confirmed, they all seem adamant that this will be the case, though they seem to conveniently forget that videos should also save to the hard drive, allowing you to edit on your computer and upload from there.

Their source also says that HD capture cards won’t work, and HDCP strippers will be required, although that’s apparently illegal. Even if that is the case, surely you can just download the videos you’ve uploaded to Twitch or perhaps even just copy the file to a computer from your PS4’s hard drive?

I think my favourite bit of the whole thing is where they immediately list “Xbox 360 and Xbox One” as the other options before saying “PC and PS3”. Doesn’t this all seem a bit like scaremongering, since it goes against almost everything we’ve heard before?

Source: YouTube

UPDATE: Sony’s communication these days appears to be mostly through Shuhei Yoshida’s twitter feed. His latest addresses this issue, explaining how they’re considering every possibility, and perhaps meaning they’re still formulating a deal with YouTube.


We also noticed that the original Killzone: Shadow Fall video that they uploaded during the PS4 reveal was to Facebook, rather than YouTube. We’ll just have to stay tuned for Sony’s full update.



  1. I don’t recall it ever saying it did upload to youtube, just assumed it didn’t.

    • Mark Cerny says you can at the 1:40 mark.

  2. Oh no, you can only post your gaming videos to a gaming video service!
    I’d actually prefer if YouTube wasn’t swamped with shitty gameplay videos

    • Good point, after watching and favouriting a few trophy help videos my recommended videos have become swamped with gaming trash. I mostly ignore them.

  3. Richard Leadbetter AKA Digital Foundry said at one point (I think in a tweet) that the dev kit PS4s had HDCP.

  4. I would rather watch all gaming vids on Twitch. I can’t see any problem here, just scare mongering

    • It’s the folks that make a living posting gaming vids to YouTube. Also, sites like rev3, Machinkma an their ilk who rely on the ability to capture footage for their shows.

      Uploading to Twitch and then ripping to YouTube is a possibility but there’s a discernible drop in quality. Perhaps, faced with this prospect, Sony will add YouTube to the list of supported platforms in the future.

  5. Someone get on the Bat-phone to Yoshi and find out what’s going on.

  6. YouTube has a 30fps limit, doesn’t it? So it’s not the best for showing off some of the games.

    Gamers hate things running at that framerate (apparently, I never notice the difference anyway, but judging by the amount of moaning here and elsewhere when it’s not 60fps…).

  7. Ironically the only two sites I post on, are TSA & Utube. Great watching videos on my tv with the recent app, but if they add the relevant posting apps, to the PS4 menu, no harm done.

  8. You can upload to Youtube. This has been debunked already over on Gaf I think.

    • It has, not sure how this is getting spread so quick. Nothing like (fake) bad news to get clicks (not aimed at TSA)

      • Indeed. Some sites just jump on it and leave it there to fester without updating the article, hoping for extra clickies.

        Fair play to TSA though, I know they aren’t like that. Article will probably be updated soon.

  9. If Machinima is your source that is just scary. Any video they upload has to be paid for by the publisher.

  10. The issue may well be the resolution quality and upload speed of youtube, but it means very little if a) you want to record more than 15 mins, b) edit it and c) brand it…. Being able to record to HDD and copy to external drive for further editing or disable HDCP while gaming would be the most versatile solution I think

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