Ryse: Son of Rome Upscales From 900p To 1080p

Despite being technical whizz-kids and creating Ryse: Son Of Rome for the Xbox One, the development team for the game seem to have a problem uploading videos to YouTube and many of them have been a horrendously blocky 360p.

To make up for this the team have created a new video on their website which you can download and watch in 1080p without any added YouTube compression. Click here to go to the download page.

The confirmation of 1080p was given on Twitter by Aaron Greenberg, chief of staff of studios at Microsoft, who also confirmed Forza 5 will run at same resolution.

However, he later posted an update, “Forza 5 is native @1080p, Ryse is native @900p, but Xbox One upscales all titles to 1080p & they look amazing.”

Source: Twitter / Crytek



  1. The animations in this game look silly, the main character seems to move impossibly fast

  2. “He’s not about flamboyant moves…” as the Roman chappie does a little pirouette attack before leaping and stabbing his enemy. Hehe.

    Looks a million miles better than it was at E3, but by golly, that’s still a lot of slowmo!

  3. Looks proper murderous!

  4. Perhaps this was me expecting too much of next-gen but I was really hoping that native 1080p (maybe even 60FPS) would be a standard. Obviously Ryse looks stunning as it is (visually at least… gameplay looks meh) but I just find it strange that devs are still struggling to reach that sought after 1080p

  5. Consoles been upscaling images for years.

    The 3DO’s claimed display of 640×480 was faked (hardware just upscaled image before outputting it to TV), PS2 internally upscaled Ico and MGS3:Snake Eater image before outputting to TV.

    As for Xbox One, well harks back to pre-launch claims of all 360 games had to run at 720P..cue Perfect Dark Zero running below that, as were PGR3 (1024X600) and Halo 3 (1152X640).Things improved as developers got to grips with the hardware (PGR4 was 720P), but still comprimises made (Alan Wake was 540P), but in all the cases listed, the games looked and played superbly…which going from what i’ve seen of it so far, is more than i can say of Ryse.

    Developers really need to stop fretting about resolutions.If as it appears, the 32MB ESRAM favours ‘lower resolutions’ then so what? set yourselves a target of say 900P, but with no screen tear or frame-rate drops and then concentrate on making some mind blowing games.

    PS3 Lair was 1080P and a wretched affair at best….

    • Nicely put, fella. People get hung up about the strangest of things. Concentrate on a great game, then worry about the tech-stuff. Sure, some of that goes hand in hand but some of it truly doesn’t matter.

    • Yes, better be sub-1080p rather than sub 720p like CoD on 260/ps3 (and many other games)

  6. If folks are really ‘worried’ about screen resolutions then i’d add the following to my earlier post:

    Perfect Dark Zero was a game i’d been itching for since the N64, i bought it, completed it and it was bloody dreadful, it ran at 1152X640 with no A.A.Now had Rare got it running at native 1080P with 4X A.A etc.It’d still been a bloody let down.The night club ahead was packed was it? i went in…bloddy few ropey looking souls milling about.Thought i’d stumnbled into the Lib Dem.after conference disco, it was that bad….

    PS3 Aliens:Colonial Marines i seem to recal runs at 720P, is it the Aliens game i was dreaming off? not by a bloody long shot (recently completed it) it was COD with an Aliens MOD and the worse Alien A.I since Alien Trilogy on PS1.Should have been called Sheep-like Aliens:Colonial Marines who SHOUT, but are bloody useless.

    I’d much rather the hardware used to generate some decent A.I and set pieces…

    Enclave on original Xbox:looked bloody lush, bugger all idea about resolution, but highly detailed, lush looking enviroments, rich textures, looked worlds apart from the washed out, repeated textures i’d seen on my PS2.Damn thing played like a mangy old dog though….

    Now we have a new wave of hardware and likes of Digital Foundary (and others i’m sure) itching to rip into flagship next gen console games and say one renders 3 fps faster than other but does’nt use blah blah.Easy answer….it honestly is’nt that big a deal.If it’s a multi-platform game, PC version will look better.Just tell if the damn thing can save my game without corrupting the save and if the NPC A.I works, because i’m sick to death of seeing crap i thought i left behind in the Playstation 1 days.

    I honestly don’t expect to see focus on Lens Flare being rendered at higher resolutions.If i want that, i’ll watch either of the newer Star Trek films :-)

    • God I hate Lens Flare in a game or film. To me it makes no sense.

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