Gaikai PS3 Library Launches Next Year, Coming To Vita TV

Sony are planning to launch the Gaikai PS3 streaming library next year, at least in North America anyway. They’ve previously stated that it may take some additional time to come to Europe due to poor broadband speeds not living up to the requirements.

A selection of titles will be available at launch – no word on which but presumably “the best” PS3 exclusive games. Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Worldwide Studios also says that it’ll be like Netflix, with a “decent” number of available games.


These games will then be able to be played on the PS4, PS Vita and even the recently announced Vita TV, though there’s still no word on when Europe will receive this library of games.

Source: IGN



  1. Regularly game with a few of our colonial cousins & they’d laugh at the broadband analogy, theirs is much slower than ours. Still, I suspect it’s America getting preference to try & gain market share on microsofts own turf?

  2. It’ll be interesting to see how it works out there at least. It’s not a feature i ever really plan on using much as i’ll still have my PS3. But I’ll be much more interested in seeing how well the ‘watch friends play/jump into their game’ feature works.

  3. I’ve still not found out a definite Yes/No confirmation over what I really appreciate Gaikai for: Instant game demos for every game. Is anybody in the know here?

    • That’s probably what I’d use it most for if available. By the time it comes here BT may have thought about upgrading my exchange, doubt it though.

      • Even if they have, they still might make you wait years before they upgrade your cabinet :-(

  4. This is important for them, I believe, because:
    1. It can catch the new people to consoles, drawing in them with the possibility (even if limited) of backwards compatibilty and having a larger library of games to play.
    2. Gamers who are thinking of changing sides from Xbox to PS, because this way they could finally play all those exclusives they’ve been missing out on.

  5. No problem with sometime next year. How it includes ps2 and pc games to too. no reason why it couldn’t

  6. Great news! And even better, it implies the west will be getting the Vita TV, plenty of people are still writing about it being a Japan only product, spoil sports.

  7. Any news on pricing yet? Is this going to be included in PS+?

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