The Best GTA V Easter Eggs – Bigfoot, Zombies, Agent And More

The weird and wonderful hidden jokes and references.

One thing about Grand Theft Auto IV that left me disappointed was the lack of easter eggs – little subtle references or inside jokes found inside the games which, while hard to find at times, are ultimately rewarding for the few seconds of laughter they’ll grant you.

So, we’ve got several of our favourite GTA V easter eggs – of which there are plenty more – to share here. Obviously, there might be location and mission spoilers here but none of these give away any major story points.

Remember all the Bigfoot rumours from San Andreas? Remember the mental YouTube videos of PC mods with the X-Files theme song blasting over them? I do. I remember looking for Bigfoot and never finding him. But now with GTA V, he’s here – at least for a few seconds at the start of a mission where you’re using a thermal scope, before disappearing forever.

If you look at the Blueprint map included with the special edition under UV light, then you’ll see some secrets dotted around the area. I’m going to go and buy a UV light today to have a look at these myself, but for those of you without a special edition, there’s an album of photos with all of the secrets.

Veering off course onto the frozen river in the very first “prologue” mission will lead you to perhaps the first GTA V easter egg you’ll see – an alien, frozen under the ice. It’s certainly a humorous reminder of GTA V’s lightheartedness.

This next one is a personal favourite; zombies seem to be in every other game these days, so Grand Theft Auto’s is particularly funny. You’ll find a zombie on the street, but talking to him won’t result in your brain being eaten, but a rather hilarious slice of dialogue.

Rockstar have also confirmed that PlayStation exclusive game Agent still exists, via a license plate on a car. This is very similar to the way Sucker Punch teased Sly Cooper 4 in inFamous 2, so could we be seeing a PS4 announcement soon?

You can go back to the GTA: San Andreas protagonist’s house in GTA V, and it isn’t too far away from Franklin’s abode. The video below shows exact directions, and a little tour of the street.

This one’s the weirdest of the lot, with a ghost that appears on top of Mt. Gordon between 23:00 and 0:00. It’s pretty spooky, and the bloody name that the spirit leaves behind hints that one of the runners for Mayor has been up to no good.

There are plenty more inside jokes, including a dig at the Edinburgh trams on the radio which I found particularly brilliant. I’m really glad that Rockstar have upped their game with the easter eggs in GTA V. My only disappointment is that the moon doesn’t enlarge when shot with a sniper rifle

Have you seen any that aren’t mentioned here? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. That map sounds amazing.

    Maybe I should have bought that edition instead of the PSN download…

    • lol… yea, plus the popping and lags you must be suffering…
      PS3 Physical > Xbox 360 > PS3 Digital…

      Weird times we have in our days.

  2. If you go to one of those question marks quest with Michael, one if them will give you weed & he will start seeing aliens & you have to keep shooting them so they don’t get into your mind it’s quiet funny

    • You can return with Trevor for a different, but similar experience. And probably with Franklin too.

      • Haven’t seen Trevor’s version yet, but did see Franklin’s yesterday. Franklin’s was quite funny, especially compared to Michael’s experience.

      • I think it’s only two of the characters that get the mission….I’ve only had two visits there so far and am fast running out of Stranger and Freak question mark missions, but it’s always possible that some event or achievement could trigger a third visit.

  3. WTF?! A spoiler warning maybe?! That heading is not cool. If you do other articles on easter eggs in GTA please please please don’t put them in the heading

    • Not sure how Bigfoot or Zombies can spoil the game seeing as they’re simply pleasant distractions and very much of the Easter Egg variety.

      • I don’t want to sound like a dick, it’s just that these things aren’t as funny or surprising if you know they’re coming

      • From my perspective, I’m glad I know about them as there’s every chance in the world I’d have missed 80% of them out. However, agree with you if you’re keen to look for things and don’t want any Easter Egg spoilers no matter how tricky they are to find.

  4. I saw a very tall naked man running up a hill in the San Chainski Mountain Range when travelling up the NE coast (on water), it looked just like the Bigfoot in the first image so could be another area to see him.
    I think it was either the lower half of square 6C or top half of square 6D on the enclosed map. Not sure of the time was but it was night.

  5. That ghost was pretty creepy! Not seen anything first hand yet but I’m sure there must be loads more.

  6. Erm… the beating heart of Liberty City?! IV had Easter Eggs.

  7. Collect 50 UFO parts and you get a UFO Car.
    When you complete the game goto the top of mount chillard when its raining and at night and you see a UFO.
    Crashed UFO at the bottom of the sea

  8. the person that made this is retarded.the designer of the game said we will never find all of the easter eggs in the game so i’m pretty sure there is more than 15.

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