TSAtv Newsdesk #14: TGS 2013, Wii Sports Club, & PS4 in Asia

Its been a relatively quiet week in the world of gaming news (any guesses why?), but never fear, as Newsdesk is still here with your roundup of everything that’s worth knowing. On this week’s show: Monster Hunter and a potential Gravity Rush sequel come to Vita, Atlus gets a new owner, and we’ve got details on official PS4 bundles and October’s PlayStation Plus games, as well as the week’s UK games chart.


As ever, we hope you enjoy the show, and feel free to leave us feedback here in the comments, over on Twitter or Facebook.



  1. Another goodun! Vita TV wise there’s been a few articles popping up in the last two days with quotes from Sony about western release timing, hopefully we can assume that it’s coming, woo!

    • If they’re planning to use it with Gaikai, then I think we can expect a western release sometime next year.

      Shame about the new Monster Hunter. I can’t see the problem with western release when Soul Sacrifice took the plunge. Monster Hunter has got more than a name for itself to establish over here.

  2. Good stuff, that blimp footage just reminded me as I’d totally forgotten about the DLC pre-order bonus code I got with the game, think I’ll try and redeem it next sesh!

  3. Another great show :) right, some more GTAV then thoughts to the Expo :)

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