Xbox One Can Only Share Captured Videos On Xbox Live At Launch

Microsoft’s Albert Penello has told Destructoid that at launch, any videos captured using the Xbox One can only be shared on Xbox Live. Sharing via YouTube and Facebook will follow “next year”, although no specific time frame was given.

Sony have also said that PS4 footage many not be uploadable to YouTube at launch although they have confirmed support for the PSN, Facebook, Twitter and Twitch.

Sony have also revealed that gamers will be able to use a HDMI capture card to take footage from the PS4 rather than use the Share button whilst Microsoft have said the Xbox One’s HDMI pass-through port will support “any HDMI device” –  including the PlayStation 4.

“Any application can be snapped to a game…this could be the live TV feed, so if you wanted to be playing Ryse and Killzone at the same time, you could snap that,” said Penello.

It sounds like Microsoft are playing catch up on the video sharing front, although Sony are obviously still working hard on their sharing system as well.

Source: Gamespot / Destructoid



  1. MS is not ready at all to start next gen.

  2. anybody remember that thing i said about this being the most shambolic launch?

    well, i’ve changed my mind.
    it’s now the most farcical launch.

    seriously, if Graham Linehan wrote a sitcom about a console launch, it would be just like this.

  3. Btw, MS have said since thenthe pass-thru hdmi won’t really be suitable for running another game console through due to slight lag.

  4. I get the impression neither console was really planned for this year. So many features that wont be ready at launch and have vague “next year” promises.

    • Dream on. It’s only the xbotch that’s constantly getting features cut and decisions reversed almost daily. It sounds like Sony are totally ready.

    • Gaikai (the game streaming service which will allow access to the library of previous gen Playstation titles, ie PS1/PS2/PS3 games) was never announced as a launch feature, it’s always been presented as a feature that would be made available when they could be sure of decent network speeds. (It’s possible they are being a bit optimistic about next year but we’ll see how that works out).
      Anyway though, Remote Play will be using some Gaikai tech on a custom chip and that feature will be available at launch. Also, the whole ‘watch your friends play/ take over their game’ network feature will be powered by Gaikai, and unless Sony are yet to announce otherwise, we can expect to see that feature also available at launch.

      • Ok, to try be clearer, ps3 game streaming is what I meant by gaikai.

        I wasn’t saying it was promised as a launch feature, just that I believe both consoles are being rushed and that’s why there’s so many features being promised for the future. And no I’m not going to list them all for my no.1 fan!

  5. Can the Xbox One do anything at launch?

    • It can do TV!!! (as long as you live in the good old US of A

      • And Japan! When it launches, of course.

    • It can sit there and look good,Oh hang on!

      • Indeed have you seen the size of it. It’s laughable.

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