GTA V Soundtracks Now Available To Download

A compilation of music from GTA V has been released on iTunes today. Rather than simply a copy of the radio stations, as per previous soundtrack releases, this compilation features three volumes of game related music.

Volume 1: Original music – the first volume is a collect of brand new music from a varied array of artists including Wavves, Twin Shadow, Tyler, The Creator and The Chain Gang of 1974’s “Sleepwalking”, which was featured in the game’s original trailer:


Volume 2: The score – GTA V is the first in the series to feature its own original dynamic music score, which kicks in as a response to the player’s actions during missions and while free roaming in the expansive open world. For this volume, DJ Shadow remixes the game’s musical score, featuring music from legendary composer Woody Jackson and renowned hip-hop producer The Alchemist.

Volume 3: The soundtrack – taking a sampling of music from the 17 in-game radio stations, volume 3 contains 19 songs for you to listen to on the go. If you’re listening to them in your real car, make sure you remember the boundaries between gaming and reality – we wouldn’t want anyone getting carried away and taking a shortcut across the pavement!

Each volume can be purchased separately for £7.99, or the entire compilation is available for the discounted price of £17.99.



  1. The full soundtrack in the game is pretty disappointing.

    To not even feature the best songs from that on these…


    • Agreed on the selection on the actual game. The only disappointment of the game is the music, for me.

  2. Am disappointed that they didn’t have an equivalent of liberty city rock, nothing like doing a drive by while listening to queen

    • Los Santos has a rock station with Radio Gaga by Queen on it.

  3. I only listen to the hip hop section, love the west coast classics & the new hip hop genre is ok, Ali bomb-aye is a beast track. They never disappoint on the hip hop section

    • Yeah, it could be down to individual taste here, but I think it’s got an amazing in-game soundtrack – west coast classics all day!

      • All day everyday, west west lol

  4. Hopefully they’ll put them on Spotify soon too, from what I’ve played I listen to Non Stop Pop mostly.

    • Same here, they have the most songs that I’ve heard of and most of the other music just sounds like noise to me.

    • Me too, the All Saints track reminds me of backpacking, although I didn’t do a Di Caprio and go crazy on a Thai island. Haven’t really tried West Coast Classics yet, I’ve been too busy working out whether I like the rock stations, ill have to give it a proper listen today.

  5. I thought the best music collection they had was in “The ballad of gay Tony”.The one they’ve got in V is average at best.

  6. Gilles Peterson’s selection is super sick, closely followed by Flying Lotus. But every station has some hammers! Also, gotta big up my mate Simon (Shadow Child) for making it on there!

  7. Its ok. I always feel like they should have less stations and more tracks from each genre. There are only a certain amount of times i can listen to the same 16 or so tracks, over the two stations i listen to, before id rather listen to the engine noise of the cars.

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