Ratchet: Gladiator HD Now Available, Doesn’t Support Standard Definition TVs

It seems as though Sony might have taken the phrase “high definition remake” all too literally, as Ratchet: Gladiator HD won’t be playable unless you have an HD TV, unlike the three previous Ratchet reworks.

The listing for the game on the PlayStation Store says “High definition display required. This game does not support standard definition TVs.” which seems odd, though seems to be the reason for the delay of the remake. Could this become the norm in the future? A lot of people still use standard definition TVs.

It costs £11.99, although it’ll be free if you bought QForce due to the delay for the PS Vita version. It should now be available in the “disc benefits” section if you bought a retail copy, or elsewhere on the PlayStation Store if you have downloaded QForce.

It also features 3D support, one of the few new releases this year to do so.


  1. Yes! Finally – I’ve been waiting for this for ages.

  2. Do you have any figures to go with the comment about SD and HD? I’m curious to see what percentage of gamers (on the PS3 and 360) use Standard Definition televisions.

    • No idea how I’d gauge that but I’ve seen a lot of households with PS3s and SD TVs in my time.

      • Interesting. Whereas, I have seen none hence my question. I’ve had a cursory search but nothing obvious online giving me the date/percentages. Shame. It’d be nice to know how the move over to HD is going and whether things like the above needn’t worry about SD any more.

      • I only have one HDTV, so when the PS4 arrives I’m going to shift the PS3 to the SDTV where the Wii is.

  3. I hope they send the codes out soon as I bought Q-Force from PSN.
    This should make up for the disaster that was Q-Force on Vita.

    • I have received (via email) and redeemed my code.

  4. “Could this become the norm in the future?”

    Given that both the Xbox One and PS4 are HDMI only, I’d say so.

    • Yeah, next gen without HD TV is all but a non-starter. This will be normality very soon.

      Time for me to upgrade my 12″ black and white jobbie, I reckon. 

  5. I can’t seem to get it work through disk benefits. Any clues?

    • Everybody got to wait for email it says on PS blog

  6. has Kris got himself an HDTV yet?

  7. On the ball with mine. Email received earlier.

    Hi freezebug2,

    You recently bought Ratchet & Clank™: QForce on PlayStation®3 providing you with the PlayStation®Vita version of the game in our special Cross-Buy promotion, at no extra cost.

    Well, we didn’t get the PlayStation®Vita version to you quite as quickly as we’d intended. It did launch in May 2013 so if you haven’t already downloaded it to your PlayStation®Vita, simply sign in to PlayStation®Store and it will be waiting in your Download List for you.

    As a token of our gratitude for your patience, we promised you a digital copy of Ratchet™: Gladiator at no extra cost when we finally launched Ratchet & Clank™: QForce on PlayStation®Vita.

    So, without further ado, here is your voucher code for Ratchet: Gladiator – and, yes, we know you’ve been patiently waiting for this as well…

    Redemption code ****-****-****

    • Just got the same email. Didn’t they say they’d also be sending out Motorstorm RC codes to people now too?

      • Not sure about that mate, but I know that I’ve had the MS RC game in the past for free…whether it was a PS+ freebie or tied in with this matter I don’t remember but it is on my DL list.

  8. The sly trilogy wouldn’t work on my sd TV either. My bedroom ps3 has A HDMI issue so only does SD!

  9. Has anyone not received a code yet? In january I got an email, saying id get a code when gladiator was released in Europe but so far nothing. Its kind of annoying since a lot of people have their codes.

  10. Thanks a lot man!

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