Confirmed: Xbox One Can Only Record 5 Minutes Of Gameplay

Microsoft giving out mixed messages regarding the Xbox One? Surely not! But alas it is, once again, true.

During his Eurogamer Expo talk, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Phil Harrison, told the attendees that gamers could record “as much or as little as they want” using the consoles gameplay record function.

The news that the previously announced five minute limit had been lifted was reported extensively but now Microsoft has responded to Phil’s statement and have said his comments “were taken out of context.”

“We are committed to giving gamers the ability to produce high quality videos easily and quickly,” a Microsoft representative told Game Informer. “We can confirm the recording buffer in Game DVR is 5 minutes, which we feel is optimized to take advantage of high-quality production features and advanced social mechanics in Xbox One.”

Any five minute videos that gamers do capture will only be shareable on Xbox Live when the console launches, sharing via YouTube and Facebook will follow “next year”.

Source: Game Informer



  1. oops Microsoft. I’m sure they must be giving out these mixed messages on purpose, so as to make some people believe the console can go more than it actually can.

    Either way, PS4 beats this again.

    • Time to compile a top 20 things the Xbone claimed to do and now doesn’t…

  2. it’s still not very clear, is that five minutes buffered all the time ready to be saved, kind of like the pausing live tv thing sky and tivo boxes have, or five minutes if you set it to record.

    five minutes of constant buffering isn’t so bad, it’ll allow you to save some of those unexpected moments in game, but if that’s as long as you can do preplanned recording sessions, then, well that’s pretty shite.

    it’s seeming more like the whole video sharing thing was added pretty late in the day because the PS4 has it.

  3. Sounds like this Gen’s cross game chat

  4. I think this whole video sharing thing is massively overrated. I’ve just got no interest in watching what someone else did on a game. Are ps4 owners really going to expect friends to watch 15 minute videos of them on a game?

    • I agree to a point, but there are so many youtuber’s making money from such things as breakthroughs at the end of the day it’s free advertising I suppose.

    • Not sure I’ll want to watch just in-game footage but I can see this being a great hit for those “wipeout” moments. So many times playing SSX or other games something funny has happened and I’ve sat there wishing I could have recorded it.

      • Yeah that’s exactly what I want it for. The “Holy shit did that just happen” moments that you wish you could share and rewatch after they happened.
        But then again 5 minutes is more than enough for that anyway so still fits the bill in that area

    • Of course you would think that. Downplay anything that’s crap about the Xbone and pretend it didn’t matter anyway. Denial much?

      • Just my honest and unbiased view. You should try it sometime.

  5. Microsoft should either wait ’til next year and release a console with all the features they advertised or release it now as a games system and not the high and almighty one and only multimedia system which can do everything from walking your dog down to breast feeding your kids.

    • Haha, it has tits too?
      That’d be a fine pack, the XBone, Kinect, Fifa and Bitty bundle. :P

  6. The spiel they come out with at the end of each statement only backs up the fact they’re playing catch up to something that is way ahead. They really aren’t doing well of late are they, Windows 8, Zune, Surface and One all being the most almighty of disasters for them.

  7. It’s not a feature I’d use often but 5 minutes is nothing when it comes to game footage. If you’re capturing a glitch or a crash compilation it’s fine but if people are trying to do a full game play video the immersion with be lost every 5 minutes.

  8. I’m not bothering with the Xbox One, at all, PS4 had me sold the moment it was all announced. But I can see how just five minutes is enough to capture anything worth capturing. Most games worth recording footage this gen have the feature built in anyway – Forza, Halo, Dirt and Uncharted all had the feature to record and upload, albeit after the match had finished.
    I’m also not sitting around watching more than five minutes of footage when I’m on my console anyway – I’d rather be playing a game and enjoying my own actions, not someone else playing.

  9. They just cant catch a break. I almost feel bad for them. Almost.

  10. Not good, although I have no doubts that there’ll be another announcement with another U-turn and turns this into a positive….it’s PR gameplay!

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