Batman: Arkham Origins Has A Permadeath Mode

Batman: Arkham Origins producer, Guillaume Voghel, has revealed an extra hard “I Am the Night” mode for the game.

“We have a new difficulty level, New Game Plus is coming pack, that’s really difficult,” he told Eurogamer, “And when you’re done with that there’s I Am the Night mode, which is no saves and one life.”


He also explained the first piece of DLC for the game which will see you playing as Bruce Wayne, not Batman. “That’s a really cool one,” he said, “Narratively there’s some added content that will give players a little more background story.”

The main story and side missions of Batman: Arkham Origins will take around twelve hours to complete but collecting everything will take “much, much longer”.

Batman: Arkham Origins launches on on PC, PlayStation 3, Wii U and Xbox 360 on October 25th.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Oof that’ll be rough.
    Hope there’s no trophy for it, because that’ll mean you’ll have to finish the game in one sitting, bang goes anyone working or with a family.
    I really want the collectors edition of this but I’m going to be away when it releases and don’t have anywhere else to send it. Hopefully it won’t sell out and I can pick it up cheap later!

  2. cool. i get to play as Bruce….. Think of THAT game for a min. All the depressing flashbacks, sleeping until its time to go back out, trying to maintain a public image & your company , the medical treatments , sitting alone in a dark room reliving that night , over & over . Ha Ha. seriously tho, ive been a huge fan of ol Batsy since the mid Eighties…… ill give ANYTHING related to the BAT a chance . oh, the womanizing too, cant wait 4 that mini game .

  3. Please please please be a trophy to complete it on I Am The Night mode…games are far too easy nowadays to get platinum’s…make it old school gaming like nigh on impossible!!!

    • Disagree with modes like this though as that removes pretty much anyone with a job or a family or both.
      Similar to DS2 hardest mode. I have the skill to do it (done much harder such as platinum KZ2) but I don’t have the time to sit through 3 saves worth of gameplay.
      Trophies/platinums should IMO be based on skill, not on whether you have the time to sit down for an expended gaming marathon.

  4. Permadeath got me interested (the Arkham games haven’t really ‘grabbed’ me yet).

    Please be available from the start, don’t make me play the game before playing the mode I actually want to play.

    • I agree about the hardest mode being playable from the start. Too often I want to grab the “complete the game on the highest difficulty” trophy but are put off by playing through for a 3rd time in a row.

      Darksiders 2 I’m looking at you!

      • Darksiders 2 I played through on Apocalyptic first time… You didn’t have the option?

  5. I love the idea of a permadeath mode, but as others have mentioned I disagree with the “no saving” part. I understand that the creators probably think that if saving was implemented the player could just load a previous save if they messed up, but they could at least use interim saving, so that you can save the game when you quit, but when you load it up again it deletes/overwrites that save file. I mean, hell, even the old Dynasty Warriors games could manage that much.

    Not sure whether to be excited at the prospect of Bruce Wayne DLC, and definately not sure about the quote at that last bit of the article. If there’s one thing in recent games that can get annoying, it’s when they try to pad out playability by stuffing the world with pointless collectables.Now if the collectables gave you something other than a trophy, something you could use or that adds to the world of the game, then those are great, but for those others that end up being “collect all 1000 orbs just to get a silver trophy”, they just seem like lazy design.

  6. Seems like this is another game to wait a year for and then get the GOTY edition or feel cheated. I love the arkham games though and do really want this.

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