News Snatch: Grand Theft Auto V, Bully And Daily Mirror Gets It Wrong

It’s the Monday after the weekend before and the the TSA staff have retreated from London, stuffed full of games, pizza and rather large amounts of alcohol.

Time waits for no man and neither does the gaming news so here we go with yet another round-up of gaming gubbins, starting with a CGI trailer (meh) for Deadfall Adventures, an Uncharted-a-like for the Xbox 360.


Spelunky is best on Vita – and Spencer tells me the daily challenges you’ve been asking for are coming soon to PlayStation!” tweets Shahid.

Microsoft have demonstrated streaming technology behind closed doors, showing Halo 4 running on a mobile phone. “Officials stressed it was simply prototype at this stage”, reports The Verge.

The Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack is available on Sony’s Music Unlimited service, or at least parts of it are in a bandwagon jumping promotion.

“Music Unlimited has created exclusive playlists to celebrate the very best tracks from the game, including highlights from the Los Santos Rock, Non-Stop Pop and West Coast Classics stations.”

“I know I want to,” said Rockstar’s Houser when asked about making another Bully game. “Well, hopefully, you never know. There’s a lot of directions I could go with that one, it’s funny.”

It’s the Armored Core: Verdict Day launch trailer which has more explosions than a Michael Bay movie.

China is to lift the ban that prohibits the sales of consoles and video games, opening up new channels of revenue for Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.

The version of New York in Ubisoft’s upcoming MMO-racer, The Crew, is larger than Grand Theft Auto IV’s Liberty City, and is one of sixteen huge metropolitan areas you can race through.

The knight from Dark Souls II went AWOL during the Eurogamer Expo and was found trying to attack a double decker bus. Thankfully staff from Namco Bandai games managed to recapture him before anyone was harmed.

The Daily Mirror has reported that churches and schools are being burgled by Grand Theft Auto V thieves.

“Police think they’re targeting projectors to project Grand Theft Auto,” said Boreham primary head teacher Ian Bowyer.

Strangely, the Police have not been interviewed for the article and right at the bottom of the article the Mirror notes “The latest reported burglaries follow a string of more than 40 incidents in Chelmsford this month alone.”

Now you may be wondering why I am mentioning this utter tosh and the answer is the “news” seems to have back-fired on the Daily Mirror, almost all of the posts in the comments section for the article denounce the “news”.

“What next they goin blame gta on? This is getting a joke. Maybe Asda and Tesco will need stop stocking it because they going offend some anti crime campaigners,” is one comment whilst another says, “I like to dress as an Italian plumber and jump on mushrooms. Stop blaming video games for the crimes.”
And Finally, the first epsiode of Mortal Kombat: Legacy II. The entire series is online, click here to watch them all.



  1. Xbox version of Uncharted……hahahahaha. It might be good but it will never be Carling.

  2. I was listening to the GTA soundtrack on MU and didn’t recognise any of it. I’ve played all GTA’s since GTA 3. Down to the fact that most the songs are rubbish I wasn’t listening to for too long.

    • I heard alot of reviews claiming that GTA V had the best soundtrack in the series thus far…… I would say its the absolute WORST out of ALL of them. Vice City & VC Stories were my favs!!!!

      • Agreed.

      • I wouldn’t go as far as to say it is rubbish, but the variety of ‘known’ tracks is a lot more sparse this time around.

        I just tend to leave it on the pop station & have done with it (with the occasional skip to the hip hop stations for a bit of Dre & Snoop). High speed chases to something like Kelly Rowland just makes things seem bizarre. Which i like.

  3. What is it with Microsoft and that whole streaming thing. Do they seriously think we want to play Halo 4/5/6 or any other game via a smartphone, or even, a smartphone with an attached mini controller… No! Just no!

    Love the Dark Souls Picture. Would’ve been good to have seen the bus driver’s face. I like how the bus says rail replacement too; prepare to die.

  4. Hope they redesign those 2 characters in Deadfall before release? Way too close to Drake & Chloe!

  5. “Daily Mirror Gets It Wrong”

    Is this news?? I thought it was more of a daily occurrence. ;)

  6. Spelunky daily challenges coming to the Vita version? Aww yiss! As if I needed another reason to not put it down between Final Fantasy XIV sessions…

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