The Best And Worst Queues At EGX

At EGX 2013, there were a lot of queues. With 70,000 people at the show this year, it meant that there wasn’t really any games that didn’t have a mass of people in the way, leaving us all to stand and wait while each person had their turn.

But these queues were more varied than you might think – each one offered a unique queueing experience, much like the games themselves and their selling points.

So, we’ve had a bit of a discussion and decided to let you know which the best and worst queues were, effectively making you wait a while longer for all of our previews, hands ons and other articles. Funny that.


Most Entertaining Queue
Although it may have been long, and prefaced other queues for the games themselves, Sony’s queue was really good. They had a real PlayStation 4 to look at, Vita demos and a big screen showing excellent montages and PlayStation Access videos, which only looped after an hour or so. For me, though, every queue was just as entertaining as the rest because a) I was talking to friends and b) I was catching up with all my StreetPasses on my 3DS.

Worst Queue
The absolute worst queue was one of the first (second, actually) that we experienced. After meeting up outside, we were ushered into a dark, underground tunnel with paintings of bloody faces lining the walls (no, really) and light sources which had been switched out for heat lamps, making the place akin to the centre of the sun in terms of temperature.

Longest Queue
Titanfall’s queue was so long that you’d be mistaken for thinking they actually had the Xbox One version of the game running, though from what I heard it was just on PC. It was so long that Davs went into it on Saturday afternoon and I haven’t seen him since, but they did a little presentation for you to ease the wait, which is nice.

Most Convoluted Queue
This one goes to Killzone: Shadow Fall. While the wait might not have been as long as Titanfall, the queue for Killzone in the afternoon was quite complicated. You see, you had to queue to get into the PS4 area, then queue to get into the over 18s section within that area, before having to choose a screen to queue behind while you wait for three or four people to complete ten minute games. And then you had to use your ticket up (Sony used a ticket-based system so everyone got to play two games but no more) just for the privilege of the next generation of shooting people in the face.

Most Expensive Queue-side Feature
All of those televisions and consoles must cost a fortune, but those were nothing in comparison to Forza’s queue. They had a big, orange sports car so that you could see in real life what you’d be racing in the game. I’m quite disappointed that Sony didn’t get a real life octopus in a fitted suit for the Octodad section now.


Queue With The Least Reward
I really wanted to get my hands on Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, so I wasn’t too worried about the half an hour wait I needed to face. As I got towards the front of the queue, I heard the worst possible noise: clapping. People were clapping with all the might their average sized hands could muster. It was a presentation. I couldn’t escape, I was in too deep, so I had to sit and watch as someone else played it. There was no hands on experience, Watch Dogs is a lie and probably doesn’t even exist. I’m not even sure if the PS4 exists now, either. Maybe this is all part of the game’s marketing campaign. We didn’t even get to ask any queues Qs at the end.

Surprisingly Quickest Queue
Assassin’s Creed IV had a big queue, but they also had fifty PlayStation 4s. This, along with 15 minute sessions for everyone meant that you were only queuing for 15-30 minutes at most. As for the game, it’s a bit like The Wind Waker because you’re always on a boat and sail from isle to isle. It’s fun, and worth the small wait. I don’t have anything funny to say here so let’s move on.

Most Redundant Queue
FIFA 14 released on Friday for Xbox 360 and PS3. At EGX, there were twelve machines running the game on Xbox 360 and four for the next-gen Microsoft console. I played it on 360 twice, and One time on the other Xbox console that I can’t remember the name of. I spent upwards of half an hour of my life queueing for something that was already out, just so I could lose terribly. It was my most played game of the show.

Strangest Queue To Wait Ratio
Mike Bithell’s Volume didn’t have a big queue most of the time, but then there was still an enormous wait. Why, you ask? Well, the day one demo could take around 30 minutes or so because it was quite the hardcore stealth game, and there were only two machines. I believe this led Mike to cutting down the volume of content in the demo (do you get it? I spent five whole seconds on that one) in order to accommodate more people.


Most Q Shaped Queue
The Oculus Rift queue was shaped a bit like a P, which looks like a lowercase q. This meant that you’d be queueing in a queue shaped like a Q for some time with a virtual reality headset. Someone really needs to make queueing simulator for next year, to move it up a level.

Longest Queue To Playtime Ratio
Ash and Miffi queued for Pokémon X & Y for about two hours, as they only had about four machines. Once they actually began playing the game, they discovered that the demo was actually only around five minutes long, rather than the ten minutes they had been promised. And it wasn’t even in 3D. You’d think Nintendo would realise that maybe Pokémon would be quite popular, with half the expo seemingly dressed up as Pikachu. Ash’s verdict, then? He was “totally underwhelmed and dissappointed”.

Darkest Queue
Kris explained to me that, quite aptly, the queue for Call of Duty: Ghosts was quite dark, as it was up the back of the expo and they seemed to have forgotten to turn the lights on. Even after this darkened queue, you had to go into a much darker room to queue a bit more before playing the game. While I never played it myself, I like to think that this room was like a haunted house, so they could finally show off the titular ghosts in the game. I have watched four trailers and an hour-long presentation and I haven’t seen a single ghost in any of that. Can someone please tell me if there were ghosts and if not why Activision have lied to us for so long. Thanks.

Game At EGX Which Most Rhymes With “Queue”
The Crew.

Best Queue Related Eavesdrop
It seems that people were actually quite keen to queue at Queurogamer Expo (how did I not think of that until now?) this year because Davs overheard some people say “I want to queue for something… I don’t know what, I just want to queue.”

Worst Queue Related Article On The Internet
This one.

Forza picture from Robert Pelan. Content for this article amassed by Blair, Stefan, Tuffcub, Kris, Davs, AshW92 and MiffiLou. We were at the pub.


  1. Blair is not lying about the bloody faces painting. My theory is that it represents all the people who queued in that tunnel and were forgotten about.

    At least there were free cardboard hats in the Tearaway queue.

  2. How did we not come up with Queurogamer Expo earlier?!

  3. I love this article XD

    The 2 hour wait for Titanfall was tough but my god, was that game fun. Coming first on my team was the icing on the cake :D

    The layers of queuing in the PS4 space were also exasperating, I’m glad my friend and I decided to go there first thing on the Sunday; we got through the initial queue in about 15 minutes.

    And we had a similar experience to you with the Pokémon X and Y booth. The twats in front of us took their sweet ass time with a supposedly 10 minute demo, and stayed behind after their turn was up to watch their friends, clogging up the queue.

  4. Person who did not queue at all: Me.

  5. Got in at 11 yesterday and there was no queue for PS4. It was unbelievable. Managed to play, Killzone, Driveclub, Resogun, Kanck and fifa, before I left the ps4 area. However a few hours later the queue was absolutely huge!

    Batman was pretty quick queue as they had 24 screens.

  6. So many Q’s lol would love to go Euro Gamer Expo. One day….. Perhaps PlayStation 8 xD

  7. The PS4 queue was well worth the wait, even though there was more queuing to be done for the 18+ section…

  8. PS4 stole the show. Easily the best console there.

  9. I can’t believe I clicked the self-linking link at the end of the article expecting to read something from elsewhere in the internets, I feel irredeemably gullible! Great article though.

  10. Fair play doing all that queueing! Sounds shiiiiiiiit!

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