PS4 Version Of Flower Running At 60fps With A 1080p Resolution

Flower on PS4 will run at 60 frames per second, with a resolution of 1080p. With the updated resolution and frame rate, it will be fantastic to see this game in its full HD glory, which was confirmed by a developer at Sony Santa Monica on twitter:

Hopefully this will become the norm for PS4 games, as it really can make the experience that much better. Tim also discusses the game’s “nice AA and extra grass detail” in another tweet, showing that it might have quite an overhaul on PS4.

Flower is also coming to the PS Vita, which should also be a great experience. Could other games – such as Journey, for example – make their way from the PS3 to Sony’s new system, or even their handheld? That would definitely be a great move.


  1. Was a Flower port announced for the PS4? Would we be asked to purchase it again? (I would).

    • Yeah, it’s on the first list of PSN-download titles. It’s a new game, so will require a fresh purchase.

      Original game ran at 720p.

      Vita version is amazing, BTW.

      • Mmmm. Will definitely be picking up a Vita/PS4 combo pack next year & I think Flower will be a first purchase for each.

        Just picked up the Journey triple pack for my heavily pregnant sister to play both before and after wean #2 days Hello!

    • I’ll buy it again, both for Vita and PS4 – and if they did a 4K version in another few years time i’d buy that too.

  2. Be nice to see, not sure if I can justify re-buying and re-spending twice again though…

    • It’s probably mainly for new customers and huge fans. I’d consider rebuying it if the PS4 version was a cross buy deal with the Vita version but otherwise I’ll just wait for it to appear on PS+.

      • I agree I think a PS4 cross buy with Vita might just swing it for me. Here’s hoping for a digital foundry three way compare!

  3. The list of 1080p 60FPS games on PS4 is growing longer, the Xbox One list is looking rather empty. There is a comparative list on NeoGAF. If that ‘aint a warning sign that Microsoft have a real uphill stuggle the coming generation, then I don’t know what is. It’s also clear Sony know this all too well and are keen to take to social media to highlight it.

    • What the average consumer will think of 720p compared to 1080p will be very interesting.

      A) because they probably won’t care, and B) if you’re on a TV under 40″ (and a sensible distance away) then you usually can’t see the difference.

      • Pretty much every gamer I know has a telly 42in or larger… Infact pretty much every person I know has too.

      • HG – I know loads of gamers who are still at home with their folks and, thus, don’t have the living-room-sized TVs that others might have.

        Also, a wonderful looking 720p game with decent AA will still look utterly cracking on a 46″ set, for example. Anyway, my comment still stands about the obliviousness many an average gamer will have. They won’t be worried about stuff like this. They’ll be worried about it being a great game or not. GTA IV was a very good game on the PS3 and that wasn’t even 720p. Sure, it was no looker but it was still a great game. :-)

      • My living room telly is only 40”, 1080 looks infinitely better than 720, and it’s not always about size :)

      • RE: HunterGatherer – my tv is only 26″ :-( Now I feel poor and rubbish

      • 37″ 1080i only.

        However I love going round to my parents’ gaff & using their 50″ 3d tv which (like playstation) “does everything”

    • Do you have a link to that comparison listing? I would quite like to see it. I like PS4 comparisons that show a massively higher quality than the Xbox One, because that is pretty much a true reflection.

      • On the NeoGAF console forum, use the search to find it.

  4. Never played it but I’ll give it a go when I get my PS4 in 56 days. Thats if its released then.

    • Woah, 56 days?! I’m getting really excited now. Come on end of November!

      • I just swapped my PS4 pre-order to a nice shiny PS4 pre-order bundle thanks to Shopto. Just need BF4 on top of the bundle and my following week off work will be a very happy one.

      • Same here but with Game. I’m deciding whether to buy BF4 for the PS3 and do the upgrade thing or just wait ’til the PS4 is released and be doubly excited to play it.
        The only dilemma is gonna be the controls and gameplay style jumping between that and KZ.

      • We’ve seemed to have changed the pacifistic tranquil Flower thread into a Battlefield 4 thread.

  5. I hope it’s properly upgraded, all the textures etc, DTS MA would be good. Then I’d buy it again.

  6. My only issue with the visuals on ps3 was the low res rocks. Hopefully they’ll have sorted those out.

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