Futuristic Motorstorm 4 Concept Art Uncovered


Concept artist Steve Hird has posted a number of images on his blog that show a Motorstorm 4 project.


Following the catastrophic events of Motorstorm Apocalypse the team seem to have taken the story in the only logical direction and set the game in the future. A couple of vehicles are depicted including a sci-fi sports car, a rather striking futuristic truck and a dropship that would place the vehicles on the tracks at the start of the race.

Evolution Studios are working on PS4 launch title Drive Club so Motorstorm 4 has been canned, or at least put on hold for a rather long time.

Source: Imgur. Thanks to Blake on Twitter for the tip.

Update: these images appear to have been posted on Steve Hird’s blog a while back, but have resurfaced in the imgur gallery with the title “MotorStorm 4”. We’ll leave them up, rather than removing them since they’re very cool, but you shouldn’t expect a new MotorStorm due to these images.



  1. This sounds brilliant to me, i’d love to see it happen, especially as we don’t seem to be getting a WipEout on PS4.

  2. After seeing the emails flying around, I’m going to shout “FIRST!” here.

    This won’t make sense to anyone else.

  3. Love the Motorstorm games,hope to see one in some form or another in the very near future on PS4.

    • I don’t think we’ll see a Motorstorm game in the near future as they plan to keep updating Drive Club for quite a while. Maybe when they’ve finished with DC, hears hoping.

      • Yeah true but hopefully it won’t be too long be nice to have a offroad/urban racer to go with the street/track racrers,would’nt mind a good next gen motor cross game also.

  4. No thanks. Hated the Apocalyptic setting. Bring back the mud splatter and rainforest races under huge waterfalls or the treacherous dusty trails at Monument Valley.

    • I’m with Dan on this, Motorstorm Monument Valley and Pacific rift were as good as they get. It was a sharp incline downhill from there.

    • Both please. And heck, throw in some snow as well. Would certainly be more interesting than

      • I’m with you there, Arctic Edge was incredible, it would’ve sold well if it were polished up for PS3 or Vita.

    • Count me in too. Didnt like that Apocalypse feel to it. Deleted the demo after the 1st play through.

    • I’m In, Loved the first 2 MotorStorm games.
      But Hated Apocalypse, I didn’t even finish the game and sold it after a week!

      @ kennykazey, snow? Yes please, the MS on PSP was also a good title!

  5. Yeah, these aren’t new – the references to the WipEout 2048 trailer sequence are clear – but they’re pretty.

    • Nope not new,but no one spotted em till today. So, sort of new :)

  6. This could be amazing ! Just finished Motorstorm Apocalypse platinum trophy :) Bring back the “race festival feeling” from part 1, Pacific Rift and do not acre about a story based single player, what was dreadful imo…ow! and no not change anything in multiplayer ^^

  7. the first Motorstorm kinda sold me on the PS3 at launch, i thought it was rather impressive, but there’s nothing like it on PS4… kinda annoys me. I liked Motorstorm, one of the best off-road games out there.

  8. Hi Guys, The Blog above is mine, I find it funny how this has been posted up but trust me there is no link to Motorstorm 4! a link only as yes I did work on Motorstorm 2 and 3 but the concept work here above I did was from when I moved to THQ 4 years ago, which has since closed. It was for a concept pitch they were doing but of course not connected to the Motorstorm franchise, I was hired because of my work on the MS. I cannot disclose any info on the pitch above so please don’t ask. It was a none published title.

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