Terraria Update 1.2 Released And Sequel Confirmed

The Terraria 1.2 update was recently released on PC, adding a wealth of new content to the highly successful indie action title. If this wasn’t music enough to Terraria fans ears – who had previously been told that all updating to the game had stopped – the games developer, Andrew “Redigit” Spinks announced news of some planned additional updates and also that he’s started work on Terraria 2.

In regards to Terraria updates, Andrew said:

“…there’s a lot of stuff that I didn’t have the time to put into this one. For instance, there’s no final endgame boss. So I plan on, within the next month or two, finishing the endgame progression. I also have some ideas for a Halloween update I’d like to do too. I think people will get a kick out of that. So there might be a few more updates, maybe three or four months out.”

Speaking on a follow up game, Andrew announced:

“I’m super excited about starting Terraria 2,” he said, “It’s a ways out, but it’s gonna have a lot in common with the original. It’s gonna be quite different as well. I really want to expand on the whole Terraria universe.”

“There’s a lot of stuff I’m locked into with Terraria. The way loot works, the way character progression works. In Terraria 2, I really want to have infinite worlds so you’re not just stuck to one world. You can travel anywhere. I want more biome diversity in that, too. There’s a lot of stuff [I want to add and change].”

It seems that console gamers haven’t been left out either. In a thread posted on terrariaonline, the development team of the console version, 505 games, announced that they are working on bringing the recently released 1.2 update content to console, stating “Our goal is to bring as much as we can, if not all, of the PC content to consoles in the near future.”

They did however, also say that it was going to be released as DLC – so weather it will be free for console owners is yet unclear.

Source: RPS, via NeoGAF


  1. Will definitely be getting terraria 2 not so sure about the dlc unless it’s free of course!

  2. Loved the first one. I’ll certainly put some time into a sequel. Maybe it’ll come to smart phones as well. If so, I might get sacked….

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