News Snatch: Enslaved, FIFA 14, Proteus And GTA V On PC

“It’s all gone a bit quiet”, said Roobarb, “Too quiet,” said Custard, thus over thirty years ago two badly drawn cartoon characters predicted the state of this weeks news. Yes, we’ve hit the quiet before the storm, a couple of weeks of nothingness before we get two new consoles and more games than you can shake a very, very big stick at.

Today we begin with a trailer for yet another Game of the Year (the fifth GOTY, by my count), Dishonored. Look at all the stuff you’ve seen before, but in a different order!


An Intel executive who is far too stupid for me to even bother looking up his name, has suggested that the reason Grand Theft Auto V isn’t on PC is because someone has paid for it to be console exclusive.

Who can forget the many, many times Sony and Microsoft have met up, had a nice cup of tea and discussed which games they were going to keep as console exclusives. Oh wait, that doesn’t happen because they are competitors.

Silly Intel bloke.

There may be a new Pokémon game in production starring Pikachu.

Here’s an interesting game to to play if you do not play Pokémon titles – how many Pokémon can you name? I have never played a single game yet could name about twenty of the critters, frankly I find this fact quite disturbing.

A patch for FIFA 14 is already live on PCs and will be coming to consoles this week, there are a number of tweaks including:

• Balancing lofted through balls.
• Balancing attacking headers.
• Balancing finesse shots.
• Improved defender switching during crosses.
• Freezes while making substitutions during gameplay.
• Freezes while entering and exiting Leaderboards.
• Improvements made to Dynamic Camera.
• Corrected crowd sections in Signal Iduna Park.
• Corrected “Any” and “GK” filters in Pro Clubs.

The PSN will be undergoing maintainence for a whole hour (OMG!) tomorrow lunchtime. The store and various bobbins will be offline but you should be able to sign in and play online.

Proteus is something like a constantly-remixing ambient album in the form of an immersive island world,” explains Ed Key, creator of Proteus. “It’s all about a particular feeling of wandering through nature alone, taking it in and getting pleasantly lost. Maybe it’s a little bit about magic and mortality too. Don’t expect tasks and scores and checklists – perhaps Proteus lurks somewhere on the shady fringes of what it means to be a game.”

Proteus is coming to PS Vita and PS3 courtesy of the lovely chaps at Curve.

More old stuff packed in to a nice new case, this time from Konami who have announced the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Collection will hit the shelves on November 8th, for PlayStation 3 and Xbox360.

For around £25 you will get Castlevania: Lords of Shadow plus the Reverie and ‘Resurrection’ DLC, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD and a demo of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.

Important news from Ubisoft, namely how to pronounce Ubisoft. “We can clear this up once and for all, it is Yoo-bee-soft!” they tweet. That means I have been saying it correctly and certain other podcasting TSA staffers have not.

Enslaved: Odyssey To The West Premium Edition has been rated in Australia, three years after the release of the original game. Quite why Namco may have decided to re-release the game now is anybody’s guess but I highly recommend the title. The combat and the platforming are a bit dodgy but the story is excellent.

And Finally, a trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution Directors Cut which is all the the stuff you’ve seen before, but in a different order and on a different screen!



  1. Couple of Borderlands bits at Shopto I hadn’t seen before. Firstly, a GOTY edition of Borderlands 2 (does that make 6?), and then a double set of Borderlands 1 & 2 for just £18.85. Also, glad to see I have been pronouncing Ubisoft correctly too. :-)

    • Yeah, the GotY version was announced a while back, we also listed it in our Out This Week feature :)

      • Good work lads. Thought it would be highly unusual to find something TSA hadn’t already posted about!

  2. No, you be soft!

  3. Pikachu… I know 1. Does Pokemon count?

    • Outside of the standard pokemon you start with on red blue green and yellow like squirter I can only think of mew.

      Then again I haven’t played a pokemon game since yellow

      • I have no idea what you just said. lol
        I’m a bit too old & human for pokemon :)

  4. Also another piece of news, Malicious Rebirth is coming to Vita later on. Shall be picking that up.

  5. Deus Ex Looks awesome. I have the plat but will still probably pick this up if it works with the vita on ps3 as well as the gamepad does with wii u

    • Really interested to see if the PS3 Directors Cut also offers improved graphics being mentioned. I can understand the Wii U version having updated graphics, but its not clear if the same is true of the PS3 release. Oh well, will probably get this either way as the idea of dual screen with the Vita has me hooked.

  6. Tuffcub reporting on more FIFA news! Be careful you might get in trouble again.

    • Good point. If I was Tuffcub, just to annoy Fifa fanatics a bit more, I’d take it a step further and call it Soccer.

  7. “Intel Executive”-dead link.. I think there’s a : missing there. :)

  8. What would Sony and MS have to gain from GTA 5 not being released on PC? They are both compitiors and probably don’t give two shits about the PC platform as it doesn’t really affect them. I suspect Rockstar have either hired a smaller external developer who deals in porting games to the PC or are using their own studio that does the same and are taking their time with it to avoid a repeat of GTAIV’s PC launch.

    As someone who loved Dishonoured, i may have to honour it by picking up the GOTY edition. Will most likely wait for it to become £20 as it’s not high up on my list.

    I suppose i should pick up the Castlevania collection as i’ve heard some good things about it the games that are included but i’ve played a demo of LOS and it was just a GOW clone. There’s nothing wrong with that but God of War kinda bores me and i like Hack and Slash. :O

    As for Ubisoft’s name. Meh, i’ll pronounce it the wrong way just to annoy them. :p

    And for DE:DC, i really hope that is coming to PS3 and X360 as i would like to do a stealth playthrough where i am not fucked over by the game due to the damn boss fights being outsourced and focused on action oriented players.

  9. I hate when American’s call it oobi-soft, it really does my head in!

  10. Enslaved. I loved that game when it first came out. I even completed the dlc. Was it called perfect 10 the dlc? Anyway if its at the right price I would snap this up again in a heartbeat

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