17 Minute Lightning Returns Footage Shows The Wildlands

The third installment in the Final Fantasy XIII saga, Lightning Returns, won’t be releasing in Europe until February but a new gameplay demo has appeared showing 17 minutes of Lightning running around the Wildlands.


The demo shows various elements of the game from wandering around the large, open world area to the battle system including the return of the dressphere, where Lightning can change clothing to access different abilities. The HUD also shows the in game time, which will give a visual cue of the game time, which and affecting the availability of quests. It looks good and the gameplay does seem sharp, with a world that looks like it shall be interesting to explore.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be available on PS3 and Xbox 360.



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  1. Despite hating FF13, 13-2 felt a lot more focused and was therefore actually pretty enjoyable. May check this one out when it drops to £10 a few weeks after release.

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