Journey Is Heading To PS4 [Updated]

As well as Flower being ported to PS4, thatgamecompany have confirmed that Journey is coming to the system, though they don’t have many details to share as they’re not the ones developing it.

Presumably it’s being done by Sony themselves then, and we can hope that they’re aiming for a resolution of 1080p and 60 frames per second, as they are with the PS4 version of Flower.

And this raises the question of whether there’ll be a Vita version or not, too. Whatever the case, it’s great to see Journey living on, even though there’s no release date just yet.

UPDATE: It seems as though thatgamecompany managed to misread the question and were referring to Flower. It’s very odd, as they’ve discussed the development before. That’s a shame, but we can still hope. Everyone buy Flower and we’ll have a chance!

Source: twitter



  1. To me it reads like the tweet only answers “So Flower is coming to the PS4.”

    I don’t see why they would just casually announce a PS4 port like that.

    • Well they’re directly involved in the development of Flower, and have openly discussed it in the past in regards to 1080p resolution and 60fps, so they’re clearly talking about Journey here :)

      • Thanks. That’s really odd.

      • We are not involved with the development, marketing, etc. of Flower PS4. We actually have never openly discussed it, and don’t have any details aside from what was tweeted (perhaps without proper authorization) by someone at Sony on the 6th. Retweeting that tweet was the first time we acknowledged Flower PS4.

  2. Im not sure it can look much better. I didn’t see any visual flaws whatsoever. Any graphical boost will just lead to comparisons which would 100% detract from the experience.

  3. Not remotely excited about re-buying slightly souped up versions of old games again.

    • You and me both, but I do go and splash out of PS1 classics fairly regularly. Only time can create proper nostalgia!

  4. Can’t really see whats going to be gained??

  5. I like that they are coming to PS4 so another generation of gamers will get to enjoy them, if ever there were two games which deserved to be carried over to another generation these would be them imo.
    Having said that, i’ll definitely be picking up Flower again to enjoy that lush grass in 1080p but i will probably stick with the PS3 version of Journey because i don’t think any visual overhaul could improve on it’s emotional impact.

  6. If it’s sony that are doing the conversions, then there may be some possibility that they will offer them for free, to people who bought the PS3 version?

    This would be a great way to encourage PS3 owners to get a PS4 who might have been on the fence about it.

  7. Hmmn.Mixed feelings on both of these coming to PS4 (and i’ll get to Vita version talk in a moment).

    Whilst it’s bloody marvelous these are/might be offered up to PS4 owners who’ve never had chance (or bothered yet) try them and speaking as someone who’s picked up PS3 HD versions of Jak And Daxter/God Of war II+SOTC etc……

    The more people that get to play these the better, but…in speaking of the PS3 HD collections, these appeared a good while into the PS3 ‘life’, these 2 just popping up prior to PS4 launch, in terms of annoucement, makes my inner-cynic wonder just what else is going to get the: ‘up the resolution, slap on the old 60 FPS treatment, so we’ll have something to answer with, when people start screaming we want 1080P, 60 FPS games on our PS4’s!’ from Sony.

    All just seems a little too quick for my liking.

    Would i buy them again?-NO!.Reasons being 1)I feel i’ve had my money’s worth and 2)Not once did i think ‘fantastic experience, but ahhh, if only they were 1080P, 60 FPs, then they’d be complete’.

    As for Vita versions, could work (would personally need say a dark room, headphones), but cannot see the same magic if played say on bus or train,etc, the immersion could be lost?.

    I would’nt expect Sony to offer them to likes of myself for nowt, but a much reduced price would make sense and could be incentive for many to upgrade and Sony still make money from it.Everyones laughing…etc.

    • I must admit that thought crossed my mind – is this just the beginning of a flood of PS3 game remasters? Hopefully not, but i’ll be reasonably immune as i’ll be holding on to my PS3.

      • Same here. I really don’t want to see a slew of games ported across just to have the res and frame-rate bumped up a notch. New games, please.

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