Square Enix Backed “Collective” May Resurrect Old Eidos IPs

Square Enix have revealed a new Kickstarter-ish plan to help developers create games.

Collective is a curated platform that enables creators to post ideas, and gamers to judge whether those ideas should become reality or not. Every idea that’s successful with the community is checked and helped by Square Enix, while a partnership with world-leading crowdfunding platform Indiegogo enables gamers to then back the ideas they love the most.

The aim is to allow developers to showcase projects and for fans to have their say and “champion ideas that you’d like to become reality”


Submitting a pitch is free but any who does will “need to accept some terms and conditions”, perhaps a clause that gives Square Enix first option on the publishing rights for the game.

The interesting part is that some of the older Eidos IP’s will be up for grabs which may include Chuck Rock, Omikron, Shellshock and Legacy Of Kain.

Source: Collective



  1. Legacy of Kain would be awesome. Would also be cool to see what people could come up with for a Chuck Rock refresh

  2. Given that Square Enix were disappointed with the 3m+ sales of Tomb Raider & Hitman it’ll be interesting what they set the funding targets at. (if that’s how it works, seems a bit confusing!)

    Legacy of Kain would be welcomed by me.

  3. a new Urban Chaos game would be cool.
    make it more like the original than the sort of sequel though.
    make an open world game, kind of like the original, with the original protagonist D’arci Stern rather than an FPS with some dude.

    the original was pretty good, it was hampered by the hardware of the time, it came out on PS1.
    just imagine what a modern incarnation could be like.

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