New Harvest Moon Game On The Horizon

Harvest Moon: A New Beginning only released here in Europe last month, but Marvelous AQL are already working on their next 3DS title, it appears.

The latest issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu details the in-development Harvest Moon follow up – subtitled “Tsunagari Shintench”, translating roughly as “Connecting (To) A New Land” – which is said to offer core gameplay similar to previous titles, whilst incorporating a new tutorial system, simplified farming mechanics, and new trading features.


The title’s moniker is believed to refer to both the new Trade Station – in which you’ll visit other in-game nations and barter for crop or dairy – and its inclusion of real-world 3DS streetpass functionality for the first time.

Alongside a new Safari related encounter, Harvest Moon: Connecting A New Land also promises a wider variety of wild animals, as well as bringing the ability to fish and frolic in the game’s waters, back to the series.

Harvest Moon: Connecting A New Land is tentatively scheduled for a February 2014 release, exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS family of machines.

Source: Gematsu



  1. Booo make one for ps3!

    • Let me join you…Booo, make HM: Back to Nature HD Release for the PSV/PS3.

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