Cage: “The Dark Sorcerer Is Just The Beginning”

David Cage has said his PS4 tech demo, The Dark Sorcerer, is “the minimum quality you can get” on the PlayStation 4.

“It was done with a very small team, a very small amount of time and small resources. Now we have a full team and we hope to make something really impressive,” said Cage.

In his review Blair noted some of the visuals in Beyond were “incredible, almost PS4 level”, and Cage has explained that some of the tech in Beyond was indeed inspired by the PlayStation 4.

“We were pretty happy with the Heavy Rain engine but we thought we could go further so we started everything from scratch and developed this new engine which was inspired by what we discovered on PlayStation 4,” said Cage.

“So we were able to implement some PlayStation 4 features on PlayStation 3 which made the game look much better. New special effects engine, new animation engine, new performance capture. It’s the first game where we’re shooting full performance capture.”

The lighting system was also inspired by the capabilities of the PlayStation 4.

“It’s called physically based shading, which means that the different materials have different ways of reflecting light,” he explained. “So if you take wood or iron or plastic, the way they reflect light is totally different. And before this feature all materials were reflecting light the same way.”

Beyond Two Souls has split opinion across the board, even the harmonious TSA crew have vastly differing opinions.

Source: TechRadar



  1. “the minimum quality you can get”

    Confused by this claim.

    • Well he thinks all PS4 games should like like that I guess. Deep Down isn’t too far off.

      • But they won’t.


      • Yes but you like frickin pixel games. Sod off to the 80s, gradad, let the cool kids have their CGI awesomeness :)

    • If he was talking about Atari’s Ping Pong being ported to the PS4 I could see his point.

    • I presume he means that’s what they can get just using the raw processing power of PS4 and without resorting to any PS4-specific jiggery pokery to leverage more performance.

  2. But does it have more polygons?

  3. I watched The Dark Sorcerer again when i unlocked the HD video bonus in Beyond – simply incredible – i had to keep reminding myself that it was all cgi – not actors in suits. Can’t wait to see what Quantic Dream produce for PS4!

  4. I think he means “the minimum quality you can expect” ie. If a small team can do that there’s no excuse for anything less. Looks impressive.

    • Yes I agree. If that is the case, then can you imagine what the likes of Naughty Dog can do with the power of the PS4?

  5. Nothing but respect for my home dog David C. Loving Beyond: 2 souls

    • Did your music feature on GTA V without you seeing a penny? I recognise your style.

      • Yo know I was worried for a second, I seemed to have got away with it, yo.

      • Word!

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