Is This The PS4’s Red Line Of Overheating?


A PlayStation 4 has been pictured at a Sony event, allegedly overheating and displaying a red line down the console and a warning message on screen.

“It had a red light (where the typical blue LED light) and had a message on the screen saying that the console had a very high temperature,” explains an eyewitness “The security case was opened and in two seconds the error message was removed and the light had returned to its normal colour.”

Some have described this as “The Red Line Of Death”, which it clearly is not as the console recovered quite quickly once it had some air.

The red line and message seem like an excellent failsafe mechanism, warning that your console is getting too hot before any damage occurs.

There is absolutely no indication that this is a production problem with the PS4, most things will overheat and turn red when placed in a small glass box. In fact, we are testing this theory right now and have shoved Blair in the TSA microwave oven, he has just passed “Red Pepper” and is well on his way to “Postbox”.

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  1. Well if its the case that it tells you it’s getting a bit hot, that is good news, something well implemented. If it’s just a light that shows it has overheated, then that isn’t good news.

    • Guys if you look at the screen it says continue on it, like it’s still working. Is it a case that this picture just shows the light can change colour? Didn’t we see a picture of the PS4 with a white light?

      • I noticed that, maybe its a similar notification to when a controller disconnects, rather than a screen of death.

  2. Personally I think this is just proof the the Cylon have incorporated themselves into Sony hardware and are planning to take over earth through living room invasion.

    • Either that or it was manufactured by Knight Industries Two Thousand! ;)

    • Cylon!….lmao….

  3. Another excellent move from Sony..They keep on delivering, especially on the details

    • Oh come on.
      Some idiot puts a piece of electrical equipment in a glass case, leaves it running to the point of almost overheating, and that’s ‘Another excellent move from Sony’?
      They just keep delivering don’t they!?

      • I don’t think he was being sarcastic, I think he meant it was a great move by Sony to include this failsafe to prevent overheating.

      • I believe he’s referring to the process whereby it shuts down to prevent permanent damage to the system rather than chugging away until it breaks.

      • Well this is awkward.

      • lol

  4. Give it some air, let it roam free. The PS4 was never meant to be locked up in such a tiny plastic Magneto cage!

    • That was my thought also, looks like there may be vent hole at the bottom of that plastic case which will be a fat lot of use.

    • The moment I saw the perspex (?) case it’s in I thought “Oh god. You poor thing!”. Seriously, there has to be a better way of securing them without completely enclosing them in toughened perspex, glass, etc..

      You might as well dress the damn thing up in a thick woollen jumper!

      • Maybe during the winter months. I mean, you don’t want it to overheat, but you wouldn’t want it to catch cold, either. ;)

      • Chill the bitch then overclock it! :)

  5. It’s encouraging that it only took two seconds to return to an operating temperature but i would have expected these display units would have been properly ventilated in the first place.

  6. Was the overheating intended?

  7. Interesting. This could be good or bad. Good it warns users but bad if it happens every ten minutes in a well ventilated space. I’m buying day 1 (like I did with the 360) and this does worry me slightly (please last more than 3 months!) – Although I am yet to have a Sony item fail on me – believe MS are 5-0 up in that battle :-)

  8. I’m disappointed. Things have been overheating for years. The PS4 should be able to overheat properly, with flames and big clouds of toxic black smoke. Surely that’s possible these days? Not some pathetic little light and an error message.

    I think we can all agree this is proof that Sony are lying about how powerful the PS4 is.

  9. I remember reading somewhere that the xbox one will notify you to turn the console off if it senses that it is overheating or something like that. Looks like both Sony and Microsoft are trying to avoid having a bunch of bricked consoles within the first year.

  10. Nice bag.

    • Lol, looks like a hairdressers handbag. Something to do I guess whilst waiting for the PS4 to fry, get the rollers in or have a perm. :ooo:

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