KIllzone 3’s Cliff-Hanger Will Never Be Resolved

Spoiler Warning! I am about to reveal the ending of a game that is almost three years old, if you have not completed the game (and still want to be surprised) click here for an emergency kitten instead. 

Still here? Sure you don’t want to go and look at kittens instead? Right, then on we go.

Killzone 3 ends with Sev, Rico, Narville, Hooper and Jammer destroying Stahl’s cruiser with a massive nuke. This in turn causes a Petrusite explosion in the atmosphere, irradiating the planet and presumably wiping out most of the population.

However, in a post-credits scene two Helghast soldiers are searching a ravaged city and they discover an escape pod. Though the occupant’s identity is not revealed, both soldiers bow and say, “Welcome home, sir.”

Official PlayStation Magazine UK asked Killzone Shadow Fall’s lead designer Eric Boltjes if the mystery pod occupant would be revealed.

“No, to be blunt,” said Eric, “Basically it’s the same universe, it’s the same world but it’s 30 years on. It’s different characters, different pasts, a fresh world.”

“Reboot is a big word but we did want to have a fresh wind blowing into both the gameplay, the story. Even the graphics. We felt, being on a next-gen platform we had a chance to do so, revamp the Killzone universe and do something different.”

Whilst I can understand Guerilla’s decision to move the franchise on it wouldn’t take much to resolve the cliff-hanger. It does not have to be part of the main game story, a discarded Helghan intelligence memo explaining what happened would have suffice.

Of course we could pick up the cliff-hanger in the next Killzone after Shadow Fall, or even in a Killzone Vita, thirty years have passed so who knows what has been happening on Helghan.

But for now, the occupant of the escape pod remains a mystery.

Source: OPM


  1. I clicked on the emergency kitten even though I have completed the game. :)

    • I did exactly the same, I think there is some kind of Tuffcub mind control going on here.

  2. Never say never. Sounds like they’ll probably uncover it sooner or later.

  3. I clicked on the Emergency kitten…then refreshed then refreshed. It is now ten minutes later. Damn timewasting kittens.

  4. Emergency kitten offline. The killing begins.

  5. Well that’s hugely disappointing. I was really excited for Shadowfall to reveal this & continue on the story. Hopefully it’ll be revisited at some point, doesn’t make any sense not to conclude that portion of the Killzone timeline.

  6. I personally thought it was an absolutely terrible ending for the game, but none the less I’m disappointed that the plan at the moment seems to be to completely ignore it, without expanding on the cliffhanger and several unresolved issues.

    My biggest problem with the Killzone series, as much as I love it, is that it lacks a real sense of identity for the player character. I loved the choice of 4 characters in the first Killzone, but I’m continually disappointed the series hasn’t reintroduced Luger or Hahka, and did away quickly with Templar. Now by the sounds of it, Shadowfall will be continuing on with barely a thought to Sev, Rico, Narville, Jammmer etc not to mention the fact that Natko had already gone AWOL between KZ2 and KZ3.

    • This. The best thing about Killzone 1 was the story, in many ways it was miles better than in the previous games, and mainly due to the interactions between the main characters and your choosing of characters in missions. After that, in the other games, you could be anyone, and the story lacks a vital emotional kick that makes you care about the characters. Heck, the only that that really connected me with Killzone 2 was when they killed off Templar. I was so distraught!

  7. The Stahl Arms logo is on the Helghast soldiers’ clothes in Shadow Fall, so whether or not he survived and it was him in the escape pod, his company has lived on.

    • Just because his factory is still working it doesnt mean he is still alive and in charge – The Cadbury family no longer run Cadburys chocolate but it still bears their name.

      • Yes, as I said no matter if he died or survived, his company has lived on.

  8. I’m still heartbroken the final boss was an on rails shooter section

  9. I think it is Scolar Visari in the pod. In the intro of KZ3 which is in the timeline just after Visari’s speech (intro from KZ2) you clearly see Stahl and Radec sending the person off into the pod and killing any witnesses.

  10. There was a storyline in Killzone?

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