DriveClub Delayed Until 2014?

There’s a rumour floating around that DriveClub could be joining Watch Dogs with a delay into 2014, started by TheSameCoin, who heard from an anonymous source – allegedly a developer within Sony – that DriveClub has been moved from the launch line-up.

TSC say “after yesterdays [sic] announcement about Watch Dog’s [sic] & The Crew slipping into 2014, this rumour was too much not to post” and while there’s no reason given for the delay, it did look “a little unfinished” when shown at events earlier this year. You know, earlier this year, when the game was a little unfinished.

They go on to discuss how “this isn’t the best bit of news” and it is also a hit to the PS+ service, so that means the stripped-down PS+ version has been delayed too, seemingly.

So, it doesn’t really seem as though there’s much to go on with this rumour, other than this bit of info that TSC claim to have been told. We’ve contacted Sony and will update this post accordingly as soon as we find out.

UPDATE 1: Despite initially dismissing this rumour, there has been more fuel added to the fire over on NeoGAF, with reliable poster famousmortimer saying that he’s heard the same from someone he trusts, and that he’s aware that he’ll get banned if he’s wrong, so is very confident in the claims.

If true, Sony are likely looking for another game to replace DriveClub in the first month of PS+, but we could see an official announcement – or a debunking – tomorrow at the earliest.

Furthermore, DriveClub’s design director Paul Rustchynsky can’t comment on the matter either, as his official comment on twitter is that he’s been out of office looking after his newborn baby.

UPDATE 2: Kotaku have now presented some interesting information which makes us even less sceptical of the delay – they’re saying that their own source says the story is true, and point out that DriveClub has been removed from the line-up of a Sony event showing off PS4 games due to a “scheduling conflict”. Uh oh.



  1. This would be a major embarrassment for Sony if it turns out to be true. They really can’t afford to have another high profile game missing at launch. I expect we’ll get some clarification pretty soon from Sony or Evolution.

    • Update by Sony confirms delay, PS plus game added is “Contrast”, early 2014 release for Driveclub

  2. I just heard from my friends, boyfriend’s, cousin’s best man that they’re actually pushing back the release of the ps4. Bang. Rumour.

  3. There’s still need for speed :)

  4. Microsoft PS4 fud campaign day 3

  5. Gotta love rumour.

  6. Please don’t be true! I was most looking forward to Watch Dogs then my second choice was DriveClub for day one! Might aswell stick it on eBay and play GTAV some more…

  7. Tits.

  8. Or a “we don’t comment on rumour or speculation”

  9. I really hope this isn’t the case. As that’s two of the 4 games I had pre-ordered with my PS4 being pushed back.

    • Sorry 3 of my 4 preorders. Battlefield 4, Watch Dogs, Destiny & Drive Club.

      • that really is shocking to be honest when you look at it like that. Sony really have fucked up massively over this.

      • Destiny was never a launch game was it?

  10. At least we will have gran turismo 6 in time!

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