Escape Plan, flOw And Sound Shapes Join Flower On PS4, No Additional Purchase Required

That’s right, as well as Flower coming to PS4, acclaimed indie titles Sound Shapes and Escape Plan will be heading to the system, with flOw heading to both PS4 and PS Vita. As well as that, these will all be supported with Sony’s cross-buy plans, meaning that you won’t need to spend a penny if you’ve already bought the games on PS3 or Vita.

These are all being ported by Sony Santa Monica, and as well as better visuals, a lot of the controls have been reworked for the DualShock 4, so it’s surprising that they’re offering them for no additional cost to people who have already bought the titles.

What’s more is that all of these titles will be available on the UK launch date of the PS4, November 29th, with Flower and Sound Shapes releasing alongside the PS4 in the US on the 15th of November. No pricing has been announced for the individual games, though they’ll presumably be the same as the current generation or handheld versions, due to cross-buy.

Now, where’s Journey?

Source: PS Blog



  1. great news, please do Journey too.

  2. No way! Ill take an extra juicy flower upgrade for free any day.

  3. I mite just have to get flower bout it’s multi-platform x-buy. I’ve always ment to but kept forgetting.

  4. Escape Plan on PS4 – great news.
    Being free because I’ve got it on Vita – fantastic news!!!

  5. Thats a pretty sweet. Hopefully they will do PS4 specific trophies aswel. Haha.

  6. Shared trophy lists? Or will they have new ps4 trophies to encourage people to play them again? Great news either way ;)

  7. I never could get that “travel to the city unscathed” trophy on Flower… :-(

    • Argh. Same here. I’m no trophy hunter but the others were easy and I fancied the complete set. Sadly, it wasn’t to be.

  8. Awesome news!

  9. Once again Sony has smashed it out of the park!

  10. Great news! Damn, I’m gonna have a lot of games on launch without even spending a dime (Cross buy, Plus and FTP)!

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