First PS4 Unboxing Video

If you’re not of the German-speaking variety then you won’t understand much of what the man is saying in this video, but you can still experience the sight of a man pulling a PlayStation 4 of a box.

It’s actually the debug console that he’s unboxing, but should give you an idea of all of the components in the box, and quite a high quality look at the DualShock 4 controller.

I want one now.

Source: ComputerBild



  1. Ohh german boxes, with shiney things inside them. I wish it was only a month away and now a month and a bit :(

  2. German Trevor and Simon!

  3. Counting down the days!

  4. what idiot put the returns label in the middle of the box silly douche cut it straight in half guess he wont be sending it back anytime soon

    • Additionally, I now require all unboxing vids to be in German.

      • If there was no video only audio it could easily be a porm film haha

      • Heavy breathing and I swear he says tits and titties when he is realign from that piece of paper

    • : )

    • What’s the german for screw .. i think it begins with f.. ;)

  5. Excited! Interesting (and presumably very cost effective) ‘headset’ – and the dualshock looks great! Who knew that the German word for stylish was… stylish!

    • very well worded there lol.

  6. The little thievesy hobbits have got my precious.Tricksy hobbits.


  8. Strangely amusing… Mandatory German on all unboxing videos sounds like a great idea.

  9. That was like watching a kid at Christmas! Bless his German socks he was so excited and he really enjoyed himself, I feel all warm and fuzzy after watching that.

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