Batman Arkham Origins Delayed On Wii U, PC and 3DS

The latest addition to Delay Week is Batman Arkham Origins on Wii U, PC and 3DS, which has been put back to November 8th. This is two weeks after the release of PS3, Xbox 360 and PS Vita versions on October 25th.


No reason has been given for the delay but as it is only two weeks it’s probably something logistical or PR related rather than problems with the actual game.

Hopefully this is the last of the delays.

Source: CVG



  1. Made more odd by the fact the 3DS isn’t even the same game as Wii U/PC.

    • Could be a manufacturing issue. Maybe they missed their deadline and had to prioritise discs.

      There are more 3ds cartridge releases so it would be easily to get vita ones made

  2. I’m really hoping Arkham Origins will be ported to next gen, even if it’s a ‘Game of the Year’ edition or some such nonsense. Either that or that Rocksteady are working on a true next gen sequel to Arkham City…

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