GAME: All PS3 Digital Content Will Transfer Over To PS4

A GAME twitter account is reporting that all of your current PSN titles on PS3 will transfer over to your PS4, meaning that you’ll even be able to play GTA V if you’ve bought the digital version.

This information seems to come from a meeting they’ve had with PlayStation, and is likely referencing the Gaikai streaming functionality that will be introduced to the PS4 at a later date, due to them subsequently tweeting that this functionality will be implemented in 2014. They also state that it won’t work for disc-based games, but any digital purchases should be playable.


Previously Sony had stated that Gaikai streaming would support “the best” PS3 games, but this new information appears to confirm that it will support everything, providing you’ve already purchased it.

This is backed up by an apparent GAME employee posting on GAF, who says they’ve went through some sort of PlayStation training session, where this Gaikai streaming was mentioned, and that all home console PlayStation titles would be available – that means all PS3, PS2 and PS1 content.

It also might make the recently announced upgraded PS4 version of PSN games seem somewhat redundant, even if they’re going to have better visuals, and it makes sense why Sony are making them free if you’ve already purchased them.

This could be massive if true, and definitely something to keep an eye on. Remember, this will mean either way that you’ll be able to play these games on your Vita, either through Gaikai or Remote Play. Backwards compatibility might finally have a solution.

Update: The PlayStation EU Twitter account has just tweeted:

We often wonder how such massive miscommunications such as this happen.



  1. If that’s true for all downloadable games, I have absolutely no idea why PS4 isn’t fully backwards compatible then. Even if this relies on Gaikai, the PS4 could read PS3 blu rays to confirm you have the game, which is what it does with the upgrade games before playing the downloaded PS4 versions.

    Maybe GAME are getting mixed up with the cross buy games like Flower (I hope they aren’t though, this would be great)?

    • I suspect that is what will happen, but can’t claim backwards compatible as it’ll require a net connection.

    • They’re definitely not getting mixed up with cross-buy – they used GTA V and The Last of Us as examples.

      • Good news for me. I have the digital Version of The Last of Us and I was a little worried about not getting to play it on the PS4. I normally don’t get the digital versions of games, but after a hospital stay, I was unable to get out and buy it; I also got Tomb Raider at the same time.

  2. Good news, now everyone upgrading will be buying digital versions of games instead of discs.

  3. I think game have got very confused and this is utter poo. Just means movies and music.

      • Yes and it’s a GAME store in Basildon. Have you BEEN to Basidon? They’re lucky if they can work out how to open doors and drink from bottles without poking themselves in the eye, let alone find out massive news like this.

        Its NOT Gaikai, the same Game account says so, which means the PS4 is backwards compatible. Which it isnt.

        Doesnt add up.

      • I agree with Tuffcub, I’ve been to Basildon Game quite a few times in my life and most of the time, its derpy teenagers with no clue about what they are doing.

        If it’s all PS3 games, then will that include P+ games? I very much doubt it.

      • They didn’t say whether they were told if it was Gaikai or not. And the GAF post says that it is.

        Anything else doesn’t make sense.

      • Even if its is Gaikai, it’s not going to be here for another year or so at least, by then you’ll have plenty of PS4 games to play.


        Lesson learned: I am always right. Yes I am.

      • Miscommunication. No idea who said what but suspect it’s not quite as clear cut as we’re hearing.

      • Or someone on the unofficial – lets be clear about that – unofficial GAME Basildon branch was having a laugh

  4. Hope this is true.

  5. Says it will carry over. Not that it will be playable ;-)
    Just using up hdd space

  6. Sounds great and I know there’s a big market for these post-gen games but I generally move on can’t remember ever hankering after a PS2 or PS1 game to play since the PS3 came out.

  7. This really needs expanding upon. Sony said the “streaming” functionality would be select titles for PS3, hit the US first and not be available until 2014. This tweet is implying that is not the case and that we will all be able to access ALL our digital content as in digital PS3 games and digital PSN games now. So which is it?

  8. I wonder if this includes those P+ games we get each month? That would be immense if it is.

    • Its likely since the PS+ games are linked to PSN accounts. I can’t see why they wouldn’t.

  9. Please dear lord let this be true. But it seems too good to be true.

    • I know, its one thing I find really disappointing about the next gen consoles. I’d be amazed….

  10. So….. Can I download any purchase I’ve made on PS3 onto the Playstation 4? originally I thought it was silly but I’d hate to have my hopes torn apart.

    • No, you won’t be downloading it as it will be streamed via the cloud. PS4 can’t run it directly as its not compatible so looks like Sony are investing heavily on some serious PS3 Virtual Machines for emulation.

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