Sony Confirms DriveClub Delay, Details PlayStation Plus Plans

Sony have confirmed reports of PS4 launch title DriveClub being delayed until “early 2014”. They’ve described this as a “difficult decision” and it’s definitely one which will be better for the game, allowing Evolution to deliver the game they wanted.

SCE Worldwide Studios and the team at Evolution Studios have made the difficult decision to delay the release of DRIVECLUB and DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition until early 2014. DRIVECLUB will be a truly innovative, socially connected racing game, but the team requires more time in order to deliver on their vision —  and I’m fully confident the game will surpass your expectations.

As well as the launch line-up, this directly affects the PlayStation Plus bonuses offered in the first month, of which a scaled-back version of DriveClub was one. Now, while you’ll still get that when the game releases next year if you’re a PS+ subscriber, Contrast from Corruption Games will be available as part of the Instant Game Collection at launch instead.

They’ve also detailed some future PlayStation Plus content, including an “open weekend” trial for Killzone Shadow Fall, allowing everyone to experience the multiplayer component. While the launch line-up is now missing one of its key exclusive titles, 2014 is looking like a great year already.

It’s definitely better to have a great game next year than a mediocre game at launch.

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  1. Being honest with myself, i was going to play the plus version, i have had zero interest in buying the full version of this game.
    So this and watchdogs changes nothing for my launch plans.

    Killzone bundle, Knack and Battlefield 4 are my launch plans, plus the plethora of free to play games and 2 plus games.
    I’m going to be busy enough on launch without having to worry about those 2 games. Disappointing for the guys who wanted these at launch admittedly

    • Same here, Killzone/BF4 are my main two, gutted about DriveClub but I can wait.

      • Same here here…

        A platform / puzzler is more appealing to me than Driveclub so it’s a win for me. And I still get DC PS+ in the new year.

  2. Watching the trailer and I’m still not sure what the hell is going on with that game. Really disappointed at not getting DriveClub at launch as I am sure many people are. However, if I have learnt anything from the current generation it is that I’d rather wait for a game to be released in a state that is the best it possibly can be rather than a rushed crappy verison that needs patch 14 times over the next 3 months

    • I agree. It’s a real bummer DC won’t be ready at launch but I’d rather have them really polish it up and hopefully hit 60 fps while still going all out on lighting and effects.
      Contrast looks weird but in a good way. I probably wouldn’t spend money on it so I’m glad it will be on PS+.

  3. Gotta say, bit disappointed about this but, if its for the better then so be it.
    Had my eye on Contrast so all good. Seems as though everyones getting Killzone…

  4. well lets put it this way. We now get two games instead of one, even if Contrast doesn’t get much interest from me.

    I would much rather have games that are finished than keep downloading patches like last gen.

    • contrast is something that i probably would never have purchased, however like many games on plus over the years ive downloaded and played them and allot of the time ive been happy that i did.

  5. While I totally understand the decision, I am now regretting my pre-order: two out of the 3 launch games I was going to get (Killzone being the third) are now gone; Getting a console on day one to play just one game was not my plan. I even held off buying GTAV because the next get was around the corner.

    • Same here, NOT because I don’t want a PS4.. but seriously considering cancelling my pre-order with Amazon and picking up a PS4 in the new year around the time of inFAMOUS/Watchdogs. Maybe more packs and offers around then too.

      AC4:Blackflag I kinda think I could just pick up on XBOX for the time being as the video posted yesterday hardly made me think “next-gen” (e.g. it’ll be perfectly good gameplay wise on 360/PS3 etc).

      There’s not the massive gap between current gen and next gen (launch titles I’m talking not long term) this time around.

      • Same here. Although I ordered the Killzone Mega Bundle I was really hoping for a BF4 bundle. I was pretty much looking forward to sinking some hours into BF4 and Driveclub. Now it seems I’ll have to make an extra purchase for BF4 unless I can swap it at the launch – if I spot someone buying Killzone, I’ll tell them to buy BF4 instead then swap my copy. My excitement levels are dropping for the launch as it seems like I’ll be splashing out £500 to play BF4 for a few months.

      • Only downside for me is that pre-orders here (Portugal) demand a 40€ downpayment, which is not returned in case I cancel it.
        The Killzone bundle is still a pretty good deal, and I’m not entirely sure there will be a better one coming soon, but the idea that I’m going to sink all that money to just play Killzone and Resogun is kind of a downer. Maybe NFS is an option?

      • I might think about FIFA now too so I’ve got something different to play. There must be someone in the shop who will want to buy killzone

  6. I was probably only going to play the free version but it makes the week i booked off for the PS4 launch seem like overkill now what with Watch Dogs delayed too.. :/

  7. I bet MS are loving this. They now have the stronger launch line up IMO.

    • what do they have?

      • Forza 5, Dead Rising 3 and Ryse. Then Crimson Dragon and Killer Instinct as digital releases which will draw in the fans of those particular franchises and niches.

        Xbox One has more absolute exclusives, while the PS4 shares a lot of games with the PS3 and Vita.

      • Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, Killer Instinct, Ryse etc. The PS4 has more exclusives, but I personally think the One has the superior games.

      • Agreed. Love Killzone but Xbox is knocking it out the park with their launch lineup and I cannot wait!
        My only concern is if they can maintain this momentum going into next year. Yes Project Spark looks cool and Titanfall is going to be a system seller which will probably live in my X1 for most of next year, but I want more news on things like Quantum Break

      • Out the xbone games I would have considered dead rising and forza but didn’t play the last two dead risings and I don’t really do racing games. Xbone doesn’t really have anything for me. I’m still happy with what the ps4 has early in the new year. Infamous is the main game I’m after in the new year.

      • I guess it all comes down to personal preference. There’s no denying though, exclusives are what separates these painfully similar games consoles and, until Sony starts announcing some stuff, Microsoft are currently winning in that regard.

    • How can you be sure Microsoft aren’t just as behind in their launch plans, and opting for releasing sub-par games, rather than taking the RIGHT decision to delay games that aren’t ready?

      At the end of the day, only consumers spending money are the ones that lose out on rushed out unfinished products that were designed to meet a date deadline, rather than a proper completion criteria.

      It’s good to see Sony sticking to their quality guns are before (like when the PS3 was delayed as it wasn’t ready). Microsoft have always taken the rush it out, worry about it later approach, and sadly gamers have embraced that, at their cost.

      • @HunterGath..

      • Err I mean Darklord, there’s no evidence of any problems with Forza, got any links?

  8. This is a shame but it’s a strong decision, and as Evolution’s plan was to evolve the game over years to come, releasing a sub standard version would be detrimental to the long term plan to a greater degree than it is detrimental to the short term one.

    I’m just pleased we get another free game out if it.

    Now if Resogun was delayed that’d be another story.

  9. “It’s definitely better to have a great game next year than a mediocre game at launch.” – From the trailer, it looks like Contrast will fill the ‘mediocre game’ slot.

    • Well said!

    • Yeah, I would rather wait for a game to be finished than one which is sub-standard or full of bugs.

  10. Yes, disappointed really. Have pre-ordered BF4 and Drive Club was going to be a good contrasting counterpoint to that. Hey ho, on we go.

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