TSAtv Newsdesk #18: Kingdom Hearts, PS4 DRM And Delays Everywhere

Good day, Newsdeskers! The headline news this episode is of course the loss of Watch Dogs and Driveclub from the next-gen launch party, but there’s plenty more on the show too. We’ve got news on the latest game from Double Fine, the latest studio to be effectively shuttered, and the latest line of limited edition 3DS XLs. Plus, find out which game is number one in the UK game charts, four PS4 downloadables you might be getting for free, and the best-selling titles in Amazon UK’s fifteen-year history.


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  1. Lol. Just look. £32 for angry birds? They’re having a giraffe! Joke!

    • Bargain at that price for all that entertainment…….

  2. Its quite obvious these consoles are being rushed out. I think MS have been caught on the hop abit by sony who seem to be slightly more together.

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