Lone Survivor Competition Winners

A fortnight ago, we teamed up with Curve Studios to give away some quite enviable prizes to do with the recent release of Jasper Byrne’s Lone Survivor on PS3 and PS Vita. Now it’s time to find out who won!

For those who haven’t been keeping track, you should check out Gamoc’s review, where he gave an 8/10 to the eerie survival horror, or watch the trailer for the game. In keeping with the theme and title of the game, we then asked you tell us what you would do if you were the last man or woman on Earth, for a chance to win a copy of the game, a signed Lone Survivor print (1 of 200 ever signed), and a Sleepy Cat plush toy (only 6 have ever been given away).


Yesterday we went through all of the entries, and picked out all of our favourites, amounting to around 15 submissions. These names were all then dropped into Random.org’s digital hat, and the winner was… a inferior race!

His entry stated quite simply and thoughtfully that he would “Collect all knowledge for the next intelligent species and then try to find a way to preserve it.” Which might go some way to explain cave paintings.

We also had an additional 5 codes for the game as runner up prizes, which are going out to:

  • ADF86 – “I would send off my tax form on time for once, because I love being ironic.”
  • GeneralJeeb – “I would attempt to single handedly repopulate the earth. Failing that, I’d do a Peter Griffin and go in search of a Twinky factory, just to see what one tastes like, and possibly run into Randy Newman playing piano by an apple tree.”
  • SpikeyMikey23 – “I’d go to Area 51 and find out what really went down at Roswell. Then I’d hole up in Nasa HQ and learn about space travel. I’d try and launch myself into outer space and search for life, but I’d probably fail the launch and blow myself up. Hey, ho!”
  • Tactical20 “Befriend a volleyball and convince myself I would some day be rescued, then inevitably die.”
  • TSBonyman – “I would track down the last woman on earth and pray it didn’t turn out to be that fine totty who told me, ‘Not if you were the last man on earth’.”

So congratulations to all of our winners today. You will all have emails and PSN codes as soon as we can send them. In the meantime, you should follow Curve Studios on twitter, to better keep track of their latest and upcoming projects.



  1. Congrats!

  2. Woo! Congrats to everyone else who won :) been looking forward to playing this on Vita for so long!

  3. Congrats to the winners! :)

  4. Woohoo! Nice one TSA! :-)

  5. Well done winners!

  6. Congrats to everyone – and me!
    I’m looking forward to playing Lone Survivor, almost bought it at the weekend so i’m glad i held off now. :)
    Cheers teflon, TSA and Curve Studios!

  7. Yay. :-D thank you

    • Congratulations to you mate & to all my fellow winners. Really chuffed to be able to play this game soon, had my eye on it for a while but other games being getting in the way (DAMN YOU SONY FOR YOUR QUALITY EXCLUSIVES ;)). A shout out to TSBonyMan, loved your entry lol.

  8. Sweet! Back to winning ways. Looking forward to playing this! Congrats to the other winners too. Cheers TSA

  9. Well done winners, very jealous the sleepy cat is so cute :) x

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