PS4 Advertising Campaign Is The Biggest In Sony’s History

Alongside revealing their Since ’95 videoa nostalgic look at PlayStation’s history and heritage, Sony have teased that their PS4 advertising campaign will be massive, saying that it’s “the biggest in our history” to TSA.

So, expect big things from their PS4 advertising campaign, which they’ll be gearing up over the next month or so, until the US launch of November 15th and then continuing past that to the European launch on the 29th, with plenty of post-release advertising to follow.

They’re also teasing plans to get this Since ’95 video out to the masses over the next few weeks, so they’re clearly aiming at a wider audience than you and I; more than just the people reading articles and watching videos on gaming sites, anyway.

Hopefully that amounts to much more than pushing the “This is for the Players” slogan and #4thePlayers hashtag. But those are nice too.


  1. Excited to see how they approach the marketing.

  2. They seem to be doing good so far. Microsoft I`m sure will spend much more, but have a bit of an up hill struggle on their hands..

  3. I would love to see the since 95 on TV, guess they would have to cut alot of it though to put it into an affordable air time slot.

    • I imagine it will air at some point – I remember seeing the entire GT5 intro movie being aired a couple of times, although admittedly it was normally on something like ITV4…

  4. I hope they do, advertising doesn’t seem to be their strong point. Comparing the current gen consoles, the X360 always got more airtime than PS3 and it was only the exclusives (like The Last of Us) that ever really got screen time.

    Although saying that, I think it has got better recently..

  5. I’ve liked a lot of Sony’s quirky ads in the past so looking forward to what they’ve come up with this time.

  6. I want to see some PS4 ads on tv!!

  7. What’s the use? They’re hardly gonna be any PS4’s available in 2013 in Europe; the’re all sold anyway.

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