DC Universe Online Gets A Major Update Ahead Of PS4 Launch


DC Universe Online is to receive a “truly massive Game Update 31” in readiness for the PlayStation 4 version of the game.


The update will also “improve the game for all players, on all platforms” with “sweeping, game-wide graphical upgrade, a massive design effort to polish and remaster the core levelling game, and a host of technical work.”

The patch is said to be the biggest technical update ever to hit the game, PC and PlayStation 4 gamers will find an increased level of texture detail whilst players on all platforms will discover Centennial Park in Metropolis and Robinson Park in Gotham City have been completely rebuilt.

The team have also “remastered” the core levelling within the game which should encourage new players.

“New content presents itself naturally as you level, and there is less chance of getting lost or stuck without a mission,” explained Larry Liberty, Executive Producer of DC Universe Online. “You’ll also notice that enemies are fighting and acting in more consistent ways throughout the game, that some previously Mentor-specific content can now be attempted by all players regardless of Mentor, that Henchmen, Back-Up, Sidekicks, and Accomplices from Home Turf are now available as soon as Lairs are (and with costs adjusted to suit), that levelling content rewards Marks of Triumph, that side missions are replayable, that open-world bounties are now level 30, and so much more.”

The update will hit the PC test servers this week with full roll out to both PC and PS3 version in November.

It looks like the PlayStation 4 version will not be available on launch day, but the team are still on track to release the game “within the console’s launch window.”

I did have a brief dabble in DCUO last year and whilst it was fun, I did feel I was rather late to the party so I am rather looking forward to the PS4 version when I can start again, hopefully with lots of other new heroes.

Source: DCUO



  1. If its still F2P for PS4 I will give this a go. Was always interested but never has the time

  2. I may give this a go on PS4, I actually had dcuo on release for pc and loved it, but unfortunately SoE were incredibly poor addressing the technical issues (one tech support guy actually suggested I should try and shift my pc to a friends house to try it on their connection even after hundreds of other people experiencing same issues… gg). If its f2p there’s no harm giving it a whirl, but as the article states its a bit late to the party now.

  3. Sweet, had this from launch on PS3. Got bored with the end game but will give it another go on PS4. Really enjoyed it and I hope I can take my characters along with me.

  4. Batfink for the win!

  5. Will give it a whirl on PC as its free :)

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