Are Sony Santa Monica Teasing Their PS4 Game?

Sony Santa Monica are working on a PlayStation 4 title, that much we know. In fact they’re working on a few, collaborating on The Order: 1886, as well as upgrading titles like Flower and Sound Shapes for the new console. However we know very little about the developer’s next big title for the PS4.

The only thing we do know is that Michael Angeli, writer for Battlestar Galactica, is working on the game, which has led to speculation that the next offering from the studio could be sci-fi based.  Now an image posted by Sony Santa Monica could lend more credit to that theory.

The above image was posted to Twitter along with the status, “Is this a viral campaign implanted in our own studio?! WTH is going on here, do you know?”

I’ve studied the image and it seems to have quite a few historical references, from different time periods. The first thing is that the paper is from 2237, though a user on Instagram correctly pointed out that March 12 2237 would be a Sunday. The main headline refers to a Sexy G Washinton who appears to have had some negative affect on the future, accompanied by a picture of the USA’s first President, George Washington. Maybe the Washinton is just a misspelling and actually should read Washington, though I don’t know why he’s sexy.

Washington isn’t the only President mentioned in the piece with another story, I believe, relating to President Jimmy Carter, whose presidency lasted from 1977-1981. It’s possible that Carter somehow traveled to the future and became President again as, unless there were major Constitutional changes in this timeline, he would be eligible for one more term as President.

Then the story about the eleven beauty queens appears to reference West Germany, a nation that stopped existing when German reunification took place in 1990, which rounds up references to 4 different time periods.

If this is Sony Santa Monica’s next title then it could be dealing with either time travel, time periods leaking into each other or a mix of both. Then again this image could have nothing to do with anything, but until the studio is willing to openly speak about their next game it is all we have.

Source: Twitter/Instagram



  1. Or it could just be the order, the game does kinda look like a time travel game hence the order

  2. Rescue 11 beauty queens?

    Yes please!

  3. Newspaper simulator.

  4. Considering they’ve got the Battlestar Galactica Writer working with them, it definitely looks like some sort of sci-fi / time travelling game.

    • A game set in the B* Galactica world would be good. Wouldn’t mind getting to grips with Cylon Number Six and Number Eight!

  5. Fire chief’s fund “probed”? Aliens confirmed!!!

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