WeView: Hotline Miami

While I’ve not played the PS3 or Vita version of the game, I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve played of the PC version of Hotline Miami. It’s a frantic, fun and brilliantly executed videogame, and doesn’t try to be much more than that.

And that’s why Hotline Miami is so brilliant – it’s game-y, arcade-y goodness, reminiscent of retro games but at the same time something entirely more up to date. It’s brutal, too – there’s no second chances and it’s up to you whether you sneak through or go in guns-blazing, with just one hit leading to your untimely demise, before you try again.

So, it’s a bit like a puzzle game as well as this fast-paced top-down twin-stick shooter, and it’s just brilliant for that. With a Drive-esque tone straight from the ’80s achieved thanks to a brilliant soundtrack.

In fact, the PS Vita version is so good that it led to Alex writing an article on just why it was his new favourite Vita game, praising the style as well as the solid frame rate and perfect porting for Sony’s indie machine.

I have to admit, I adore this game. It’s punchy, deliberate, rapid and damned difficult. Each level takes multiple attempts – that’s just part of the game – but it never feels like you’re being cheated, the game is always tough but fair. But it’s the blend of old-school graphics, the VHS-esque filters and the sublime backing music that really ties everything together. Really smart stuff, and it’s great to see such a solid port on the Vita.

What did you think? I can imagine that this might split opinion. It’s not just the tone that people may have issues with, but how fast-paced and unrelenting the gameplay is at times.

So, leave a comment below with your thoughts on the game, and if you get it in before Sunday afternoon, then you’ll have a chance at being included in the Verdict round-up next Monday, where we take the best comments and mash them up into a big blob of opinion.

Since this is a downloadable game, the rating system is a bit different: Buy It if you think it’s worth the full price, Sale It if you think it’s worth it at a 50% discount, Plus It if it’s not worth paying for but you’d gladly take it for free on PlayStation Plus and Avoid It if you don’t think anyone should buy it.


  1. A good challenging game that encourages effort, challenge and perseverance-by no means an easy game. The style and substance of the game rocks but my favourite thing about this game is if you get hit/shot just once, you die. So many games should have this instead of regen health or health packs.

    Anyway, its difficult but engrossing neon flared stylised game that soaks itself not in beauty but in violence. Its a cheap game and for psn gamers, you get ps vita and ps3 versions. Plus there is the sequel on the way. Buy it.

  2. Buy it. Great indie title. Fantastic reliance on quick reactions and tactical planning. I did not think I would like it but one of the best indie games I have played.

  3. At first, I thought it looked massively irritating. One to smash controllers too. But now it’s only £3, it’s gotta be worth a shot right?!

  4. Pixels. Meh. Avoid.

  5. Amazing. Buy it. One of the best things on PlayStation this year by a country mile.

  6. I’m trying to love this game but find it really hard to play on the the Vita hy hands cramp and my fingers just can’t go fast enough to get very far…

    Not played it much on the PS3 though so I cant comment to much…would have preferred to have skipped it if it was just on one or the other so not a bad buy as you can play one then continue on the other system.

    For me i’d gone with the Plus It as i’m plusser anyone else, sale it

  7. I found it more frustrating than enjoyable and regret buying it. Sometimes it felt like i was progressing through a level, maybe on my fifth or tenth attempt of a level making it to the last enemy but failing there – then the next five or six attempts would see me repeatedly failing at the first or second enemy.
    Clearly some people liked it very much though so i would say Plus it.

  8. But it. Once you realise this is as much of a puzzler as a shooter it is a brilliant game. The sound track is catchy, some levels are annoying but the game is really additive with a half decent story thrown in for good measure.

  9. Loved the look of this game, and couldn’t wait for it to come to Vita once announced.
    Bought it and instantly loved it.
    Reminded me of the top down GTA, but with a much more unforgiving style. Love that every failure is your own making (either rushing too fast, not quite looking around enough, or mis-timing a button press).
    Great soundtrack, replay ability, some lovely twists, and just a general sense of cool.
    BUY IT… and get ready to buy Hotline Miami 2… and while you’re at it… buy the jacket: http://www.insertcoinclothing.com/jackets/jacket.html (I did, and it’s gonna be da bomb of a Halloween costume!!)

  10. Buy It – Seriously if you havent bought it by now on either the PS3 or the vita, just go out and buy it. One of the best new games ive played this year. Still a hard game and with headphones on a vita its just epic. Reminds me of an 80’s style GTA game with techno music. Fantastic game – End Of!!

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