15 Minutes Of Killzone Shadow Fall’s Multiplayer Appears Online

OPM has released a 15 minute gameplay video of Killzone Shadow Fall’s multiplayer, showing quite a lot from Guerrila’s PS4 launch title. including the action, classes and equipment. The video also features commentary with information about the game.

Killzone Shadow Fall will have three class modes with Assault, Support  and Scout, and there will be 1500 challenges to tackle too. It all looks very nice too, with quite the bright map, though other maps are a lot more darker in terms of visuals.

I played some of Shadow Fall’s multiplayer at this year’s EGX and enjoyed it, even though I was quite terrible. Just think in exactly four weeks you’ll be playing this, that is if you ordered it and will be getting the console on launch day.

Four weeks!

Source: Youtube



  1. Very similar to Mercenary in some places, It shows the two studios worked closely during their development. I can’t wait to get my hands on this game 4 weeks and counting guys.

  2. Looks outstanding hey? This is the only game I have pre ordered right now, thinking it may end up being the only game I need for some time, other than fifa.

  3. My first FPS so I feel sorry for the players who have me on their team as I’ll probably be dead longer than alive.

  4. Yes, it does indeed look nice, such vivid grey and luscious brown. The muted colours came across very well too.

  5. I also played it at EGX, but I think that was an early build. KZS is looking absolutely incredible now. This is a next gen shooter.

  6. can’t wait to get this, roll on the 29th!

  7. Still unsure about this. Think I prefer the look of BF4 but every keeps saying this looks best. Don’t mind between the two in terms of gameplay just wan the best looking shooter to start my next gen off.
    Does anyone else feel these graphics look a bit cartoony. Almost haloesc?

    • Yeah, I chose this to show off the system. Also I like the Killzone universe and the campaign usually has more thought put into it than Battlefield games, which focus on multiplayer (and reap the rewards).

      Saying that I want to play CoD ghosts sometime for the campaign…

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