Creative Director At Sony Santa Monica Tweets Image Of Journey On PS4

Sony Santa Monica’s creative director Nathan Gary has been tweeting images of a PS4, along with some games seemingly running on the system. Along with off-screen pictures of the confirmed Flower, flOw and Escape Plan, he also posted pictures of The Unfinished Swan and Journey.


Amusingly, the caption for each of these is “Finished” and “I’m finished”, though it seems odd for the PS4 versions of these games to be announced in such a way.


Although they’re rather low quality images, and nothing like official screenshots or even a trailer, these are pretty much conclusive evidence that Journey and The Unfinished Swan are coming to PS4 after all, so hopefully it’ll also be free for those who have downloaded the game on PS3 before.



  1. I knew I was right not to have played either. Now I can enjoy the ultimate experience on next gen :-)
    Oh when I say either I mean unfinished swan or journey, I’ve played flower and as much as I quite enjoyed it I’m not sure I want to play through it again just for a graphical upgrade. I’ve also played flow and don’t really like it at all.

    • Same situation for me. I’m looking forward to Unfinished Swan and Journey on next gen. I think they’re both games I could really enjoy, as they’re not as long as a AAA title, but have allegedly great stories behind them. Excited to find out for myself as I really haven’t seen too much of either game.

  2. I love that all these unique PS3 games are making the transfer to PS4. I’m going to enjoy playing them all again and hopefully Escape Plan will be less frustrating on PS4.

  3. *dies*

    • I’ll be interested to see how Journey benefits from the PS4 hardware. I feel like it’ll be refinement as oppose to jaw-dropping changes but I’m up for anything that makes it even more beautiful.

  4. Finished means finished right?

  5. Can’t wait to see how good Journey & Flower are going to look! :)

  6. While it’s nice of them releasing these ports for the PS4 I would also like to have some new games awell from Santa Monica Studios :/

  7. I can’t decide if journey looks any different to the ps3 version or not. I think it actually looks a little bit better.

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