Journey And The Unfinished Swan Images Not PS4 Versions

Over the weekend Sony Santa Monica’s Nathan Gary tweeted some images showing games running on the PS4. Among those images were shots of both Journey and The Unfinished Swan, neither of which have been officially announced for the PS4.

The images caused quite the stir and looked to be confirming both games for the console. However Nathan tweeted again last night clarifying those images and saying the images for Journey and The Unfinished Swan were not PS4 versions but the PS3 ones.



Looking at the comments and tweets related to the original story there is obviously a demand to see both titles on the PS4, but whether Sony will work on newer versions is still unknown.

Source: Twitter



  1. How does that mean they’re “not coming to PS4?”

    • Yeah not seeing a denial there myself.

    • If they weren’t coming to PS4 at that point, i’m sure there must plans to do so after all the positive feedback … hopefully.

  2. Why would the remake flOw and Flower but not the most successful game of the “triology”? Yeah, it’s definitely coming.
    Unfinished Swan would be great too because I still haven’t played that.

  3. Okay, a good attempt at back peddling from an unauthorised leak without telling us any lies but it’s not very convincing, is it?

    I’m looking forward to Journey on PS4 especially :D

    • No it is not very convincing as I thought the same as you..

      I would not mind Journey on Vita and Journey 2 on PS4 :)

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